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Grocery Outlet: Snack Attack!

Today’s post is sponsored by Grocery Outlet and written by RMB contributor Jennifer Duval.  I have ...

How Nordstrom Rack Saved Me from my Grandma Sweater Obsession

A few weeks ago, I was having green tea and fresh fruit wine and nachos with two of the Reno Moms. We were talking about legislative session and shopping, well more about shopping to be honest. During our discussion, I was told all about this great new, it-will-change-your life website. Clothes, shoes, everything you could […]

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Five Lessons I’ve Learned from my Three-Year-Old

I want to share my story of returning to fitness in the hope that other moms will know they aren’t alone in trying to find their way back to health and fitness. After my daughter, Olivia, was born, I slowly stopped teaching exercise classes, returned to financial services, experienced loss, learned about myself and eventually […]

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A Night on the Town: Reno Provisions

A few weeks ago, the Reno Moms Blog Contributors gathered for a girls’ night out at a new establishment in downtown Reno, Reno Provisions.  This restaurant is the third opened by Reno’s own celebrity chef, Mark Estee, along with Heritage and Campo. It has a bakery and a butcher shop, which provide food to all […]

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Nutrition Bootcamp: Riding the Cheese Wheel to Success!

So the husband and I started Nutrition Boot Camp recently at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. I personally am super excited about it, mainly because we are finally on the same path at the same time, working toward the same goal. Because everybody knows, healthy eating is a hell of a lot easier when your husband […]

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Protecting Daughters and Sons

Yesterday, my son came home from school upset. He told me that two girls wrote a note about a boy at the school who has trouble controlling his emotions. The note, which was passed around the after-school program, said: “Jack* is a cry-baby. He is a loser and no one likes him. He should be […]

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10 Reasons Horses Are Great for Kids

Kids and horses just seem to go together.  Why are children drawn to horses? Is it the animal’s large size? The freedom they represent? Or do children instinctively know that horses have many gifts to offer? Whatever the reasons for the attraction, when children and horses get together the results can be magical. Horses provide […]

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A Child of Depression

I am a child of depression. My mother has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and I’m ashamed to admit that most of my life I didn’t know it. I was given a normal childhood, at the large expense of my mother’s silent suffering. But all of the ignorance, the blessed “unknowing”, ended when I started […]

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5 Ideas for Helping a Friend when they Need it the Most

We’ve all been there. We’ve heard about a friend or a family member who’s going through something tough. And like me, many of you have probably said, “Let me know if you need anything.” It feels good to say, and likely, you genuinely mean it – if they were to ask, you’d definitely help. It […]

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Homeschooling Resources, Classes, and More in Reno

A HUGE thanks to the homeschooling mommas who promptly helped me identify all of the many great activities/co-ops/etc.!   I’ve written before about why I love homeschooling.  Homeschooling is 2015 is nothing like when we were children.  Gone are the days of the socially awkward stigma attached to the very few homeschoolers in our city. […]

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Breast feeding and pumping, my second full time job

So, let me start off by saying I’ve always been an advocate of breast feeding. During medical school we were taught about all the biological reasons that breast feeding is best for both baby and mother, and I’ve always encouraged my patients to nurse their babies whenever possible. But I don’t really think you can […]

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A Spectacular Failure

I stayed up thinking about this post for several nights now. Crazy, yes. I have been afraid to write this blog because I want it to be perfect. I want it to capture parenthood, and what it means to me, perfectly. I want to show outsiders what makes us so crazy, so willing to look […]

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I’m sorry. It was me. I just didn’t know.

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Mom Confessions

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Mom ConfessionsI preface this with the admission that we have dry skin in our family. Really dry skin. Flaky legs, bumpy arms, itchy everything. So when my elementary school daughter said her head was itching and I saw dandruff, I bought some anti-itch shampoo and […]

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