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Childhood Cancer: What Would You Do?

Think about all those times when your child is sick. Heading into cold and flu ...

In Defense of the Bus

When I attended Kindergarten orientation, the teacher asked me to sign a form indicating if my child would be riding the bus. I added his name to the list, and then noticed that out of twenty five children in the class, only about five of them were going to be riding the bus. “Will he […]

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Healthy Pumpkin Bread

It’s that time of year — PUMPKIN time!  Every year I break out my Mom’s old pumpkin bread recipe.  My mom is the traditional type of baker that believes in full sugar and white flour to make lovely baked treats.  I, however, am really striving to make these traditional recipes a bit more healthier for my […]

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Giveaway: Connor Fogal Print

This summer, I went to an outdoor concert at Sky Tavern and there was a table with beautiful watercolor prints displayed.  Some high school girls standing near the table asked me, “Have you heard of Connor Fogal?” They then showed me this picture. They proceeded to tell me about Connor, and how he is a local […]

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Protecting Our Children from Pedophiles

Spending three hours on a Monday night talking about pedophiles wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my time, but in order to volunteer at my son’s school I had to take a class called “Protecting God’s Children.” My son attends kindergarten at private Catholic school (hence the “God” part). If I want to do […]

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5 Tips for When your Mother-in-Law is a Monster-in-Law

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Mom Confessions

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Mom Confessions“You two aren’t right for each other. You should break up – and soon.” This advice was delivered to me by my boyfriend’s mom on a doom-filled Thanksgiving day, my first ever away from my own family. I guess I should have seen this […]

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Why I’m Not Telling My Children About 9/11… Yet…

As I was driving my son home from preschool on September 11 last year, he said, “Mom, want to know something really sad?” Of course I did. “There were these two planes, and they crashed into twin towers.  One plane hit each tower.” I’m glad I wasn’t looking at him, because I’m sure there was […]

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Why I Do Not Believe in Spanking

There are so many different parenting styles out there today. To be honest, it isn’t important for me to feel associated to a particular method or style, but rather feel right with how I am parenting.  Today, I’m talking about a controversial method of discipline. Spanking. I simply do not believe in it. There are so many […]

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Our Fall Bucket List

I love Fall, it’s my absolute favorite season. I am a bit of a pumpkin nut, I love crisp cool air, the light breezes, watching the leaves change, sweaters, the start of the new school year… Just everything about Autumn. Since I adore it so much I always want to make sure that I get […]

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Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – Just Between Friends Reno Edition

Twice a year, those of us who have shopping problems are able to try and make back some of the hundreds of dollars spent on clothes, toys, and shoes during the Just Between Friends consignment sale. The first show I participated in was this past spring, and I have to be honest and let you […]

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When The Work-Life Balance Has No Balance

         This is a piece from a mommy life vs. work life collision I had several months ago. I was permanently awake by 5am (I say permanently because I was up 4 other times with my newborn).  I put on my trusty (stain-proof) black suit, dabbed some make-up on to blot out […]

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Mamas Need a Break – Handing Over Your Hair to a Professional

Everyone has a fantasy. Mine is having perfect hair. Like magazine or shampoo commercial hair that looks fantastic in all of its slow motion, shine-y glory. Don’t get me wrong, I would not turn my nose up at a personal chef or a maid that stealthily washes all my dishes and puts away my clothes. […]

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Three Ways to Prep Snacks for the Week

Today’s post is sponsored by Grocery Outlet.  Is it snack time yet?  No.  Can I have a snack yet?  The answer is still no.  When is snack time?  Gah!!! PLEASE tell me this nonsense does not just happen at my house? Most kiddos are back in school, and you awesome mommas are packing all their […]

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