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Let’s Talk HPV: An Oncology Nurse’s Advice

I am Martha Aiyuk, AKA “Princess”. I was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa ...

5 Things they don’t tell you when you adopt a puppy and have a toddler

We adopted our beautiful pit bull baby, Rory, a couple months back. We welcome her with unbiased arms even if everyone told me it would be a lot of work and believed I was insane trying to raise a puppy and a toddler together. Here are the five things they don’t tell you about having […]

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Memorial Day: A Soldier’s Story

Each Memorial Day, millions of American flags are placed at the graves of our soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This year, Reno Moms Blog would like to share a soldier’s story and details on where you and your family can commemorate those we have lost in combat. Jenny Durnan Petty’s story My grandfather and […]

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“Stop Being So Sensitive!”

Pretty much since her birth, my daughter has been what we’ve called “extra sensitive.” She’s always hated loud noises or busy places. On her first birthday, when the cat accidentally sneaked out of the house, my raised voice of frustration spooked her so badly that my mom had to take her back to her bedroom […]

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Turasa Yoga Game

Turasa: An awesome yoga game for kids and adults

I enjoy yoga. It has so many benefits and I find it completely relaxing. My little girls like to practice yoga, too. They have little yoga mats and sometimes we can be found chanting “om” and setting intentions for the day before breakfast. Last week I was contacted to see if I was interested in […]

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How one triathlon mom (triath-mom) encourages her young daughters to enjoy the miles

By day, Katie Heyder is a successful professional, working as the Director of Performance Improvement at Saint Mary’s Health Network. But, when the office work is over, the physical work has only just begun. Katie, an avid triathlete and mother of three daughters (5-year-old twins and a 7-year old) is currently training for a full […]

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genie and the lamp

6 Super-Secret Selfish Mommy Wishes — Revealed

Please tell me I’m not the only one who tirelessly fantasizes about him. You know, him: Bigger than life. Generous. Giving and gracious and kind. Maybe even blue with the voice of Robin Williams (may he rest in peace). Yup, I fantasize about finding a genie. Because dammit, I want all that comes with it. […]

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Viva Les Crepes! Reno’s Crepe Renaissance

In the mid 1970s, my parents got an Oster mixer and blender in Harvest Gold. The pair came with an Oster recipe book with its very stylish pink, orange and yellow cover. That book was my father’s breakfast bible for close to 10 years, over time being held together by rubber bands. For some reason, […]

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Go with the flow – literally

My daughters have been telling me lately that I’m too overprotective and I need to let go a little. Coming from a 7- and 9-year-old, it’s not very convincing. What do they know about a mom’s need to keep her children safe, anyway? But it seems that life is sending me the same message, and […]

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Feed the Fam: Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches with Grilled Pineapple

The weather is starting to warm up, which means I enjoy using my grill again. There is something about grilling that screams summer. My family loves these grilled teriyaki chicken sandwiches. These sandwiches are delicious and pretty easy to whip up. The chicken does need to be marinated for an hour or more, so if […]

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Mum’s the word – a mom’s story of having a son in recovery

Hi! My name is Becky, and my son is a recovering addict.  I work the steps of recovery for co-dependency.  This is my story: My first exposure to Recovery began over 11 years ago, in California, when my husband was asked to start up a program at our church where we were serving. After a […]

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The Heat of Step-Parenting

I recently got a new tattoo. It’s a Sanskrit word that translates to “heat” in English. The word, which is “tapas” (yes…like little plates of food), can also be interpreted as catharsis, austerities, self discipline, spiritual effort, change, tolerance or transformation. It represents the difficult things one must endure in order to become someone of […]

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Advice from the Doctor: Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Although I would love to pretend that my 22 month old has the best hygiene and is never exposed to the stuff going around, that is pretty far from the truth. We do our best as parents to prevent our babies from getting sick, but I do like to call Juliette “my little germ farm”, […]

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