Pediatrician Amit Bajaj

Let’s Talk HPV: An Oncology Nurse’s Advice

I am Martha Aiyuk, AKA “Princess”. I was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa ...

REMSA Offers Classes on the Fundamentals of Baby Sitting, CPR and First Aid

Do you have a tween or teen that is interested in babysitting? Before turning them to the proverbial wolves, make sure they have some training under their belt so that they can approach this new responsibility with poise and confidence. REMSA offers a class for future babysitters on the fundamentals of baby sitting, CPR and first aid, […]

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Ask The Expert: How important is stretching?

It can be hard for busy moms to fit stretching into their routines. We sat down with Janelle Dye, fitness supervisor at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center, to get answers to common questions women have about stretching.  How often should the average adult be stretching? American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends stretching activities two days per […]

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How do you build a culture of student wellness?

As the WCSD Board President, an outspoken education advocate, and a former college athlete, I recognize that this is a question every parent asks themselves. I know, because although I don’t have kids myself, the “in loco parentis” of an educator is strong in me. (Which basically means I would function as a guardian, and […]

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Saying Good-bye to Baby Teeth

During spring break, my youngest son lost his very first tooth. Saying good-bye to his first baby tooth left him nervous and excited at the same time. His experience made me think about the transition from baby to adult teeth. Are baby teeth really that important? Do I need to take special care when he […]

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Put Down The Cupcakes, People: My 2 Cents on The WCSD Wellness Policy

After reading through all of the comments that parents made on Facebook regarding the Washoe County School District Wellness Policy a few months ago, I was amazed that so many parents were upset that they couldn’t bring in cupcakes for their child’s birthday. I even heard a story about how one mom hid in the bushes […]

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Family Friendly Dining at the All-New Toucan Charlie’s Buffet and Grille

After hearing about the all-new Toucan Charlie’s Buffet and Grille, I was excited to try it out, and decided to take my kids there on a mission: how could I eat healthy and get the kids to try new foods? As we entered the newly remodeled restaurant, I honestly felt I had walked onto a […]

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There’s A New Pool In Town: Bridgewater Swim Academy

As a mother of two girls I’ve been to my fair share of swimming pools, gymnasiums, soccer fields, dance studios, and ski lessons. You name it- we’ve probably tried it. As a child, I had parents who had me in every activity and sport that they could think of. Sports kept me busy, they gave […]

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Moms, Nevada Kids Need Mentors and Nevada Mentors is Helping!

I want to take a moment and talk about mentors and their importance. A few weeks ago, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada reached out to me about a new program they are launching, Nevada Mentors. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had and still have so many mentors in my life that range […]

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Safe Sleeping for Infants: The ABC’s of the ZZZs

Safe sleeping and sleeping preferences continue to be popular topic among moms. And, in January of this year it was reported that an alarming number of seven infant deaths occurred Washoe County due to unsafe sleeping conditions. To get some answers, we talked to Bre Taylor, Director of Maternal and Child Services (and mother-to-be!) at […]

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Where Have All the Lunch Ladies Gone?

In my day, we had a small ticket for hot lunches that were punched every time we walked through the lunch line. We were handed a plastic, retro-looking tray, on which our dedicated Lunch Ladies placed their home cooked Sloppy Joes. I always wanted the blue colored tray for some weird reason. Today? The kitchens […]

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My Toddler isn’t ‘Terrible’ — She Just Likes to F#*k with Me

Every parent of a potty-training toddler knows the characteristic grunt — that bone-chilling noise that sends you running to the nearest bathroom in full-on sprint mode, because a Situation Code Brown is imminent. This morning, I heard this petrifying sound while driving, en route to my daughter’s school. As I glanced in the rearview mirror […]

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Mama, It’s Time to Let Go Now…

Recently, my daughter turned two and is now enrolled in preschool. (Insert big sigh of worry here.) I knew it was something I had to eventually do, but I was convinced that I could keep pushing it off. She’s been at her home daycare for nearly two years. How in the world was I supposed […]

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