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Lines from the Park

Walking through the park

My daughter’s school is adjacent to a park. Often, to avoid the school drop-off traffic and to get a few extra, quiet moments with her on the way to school (not to mention getting a few extra steps for my Fitbit), I’ll drive to the park instead, and we’ll walk …

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Take Action To Prevent More Drunk Driving Deaths

Photo credit: KRNV News 4

In 12 days there have been 9 fatalities in the Reno area. All of these from motor accidents. All of them a result of driving under the influence of alcohol, recklessness, and speed. Few things make you realize your own mortality like parenthood. When you have another person, a child, …

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Ditching the guilt trip

Image credit: Altanaka / 123RF Stock Photo

I listened with fascination this weekend as my mom and dad talked about how they endured those frustrating early years of raising three girls who fought constantly and shared nothing. My mom laughed as she told me how she would meet my dad at the front door and tell him …

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