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How To Manage the Symptoms of a Cold or Flu

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Cold and flu season is comin’ in hot, as temperatures are winding down and we say goodbye to long summer days and hello to the fall chill. And along with it all the fun of runny noses and coughing to keep your kids, and you, up all night. So how …

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What You Need To Know About Sex Trafficking in Reno


Remember when you thought talking to your kids about sex was uncomfortable and tricky to maneuver? Well, I have found a topic that feels even more terrifying. It’s called “How not to get trafficked.” This topic is vital today. Please don’t skip it. Ever look at your kids, ready to …

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The Great Balloon….Card Collection!


I was born and raised in Sparks, Nevada and as such, there are few things I hold more sacred than the Great Hot Air Balloon Race. As a child, my parents packed us into our white Volkswagen bus with sleeping bags, a thermos filled with hot chocolate, and homemade cinnamon …

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