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Anxiety and Parenthood – A match made in hell

crystal post

Each day I wake up, from the non-restful sleep I attempted the night before, my mind is already racing with panic and fear of what lies ahead.  I worry about their moods, their happiness, their fears, and their successes.  I worry about what’s happening for dinner, what’s happening tomorrow, what’s …

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Handling a Dental Emergency with your Child

chipped tooth

Did you know the mouth is one of the most common sites for injury in children? If a child is injured in the face or mouth, a quick general assessment is needed to rule out more serious medical problems. Was there any loss of consciousness, vomiting, trouble breathing, or bleeding …

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Where Did I Go?

april 1

I’m gonna say it… Mamas can’t say it… But I’m gonna say it…put it right out there IN PRINT. Sometimes, I miss my old life. Gasp! I miss old me. More carefree(ish) me. I miss old me. More carefree(ish) me. I miss cussing me. Traveling me. Endurance races me. Long …

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Art, Food & Roots on July 8 from 4-8 pm

Paint and Sip Event

It’s barely summer in Northern Nevada and I’m already anxious thinking about more cheese ball and Otter Pop covered fingers destroying, err… exploring, the messy depths of my house. My current laundry situation is overwhelming at best and I find that just closing the door to the chaos that is …

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