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Grocery Outlet: Snack Attack!

Today’s post is sponsored by Grocery Outlet and written by RMB contributor Jennifer Duval.  I have ...

10 Ways to Deal with Hunger

March marks the 10 year anniversary of Saint Mary’s Fitness Center, and to celebrate, they’re doing “everything by 10s” this month, including this blog post.  1) Drink up – Water that is. Our bodies may signal hunger when we are dehydrated so make sure you are staying well hydrated year-round. 2) Water-filled fruits and veggies […]

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Why I’m Quitting Carpe Diem

Friday started like any other day. I packed it with regular amounts of work, dropping kids off, errands, trip to my Pilates studio, picking kids up, and cooking. I didn’t finish all my chores (let’s be honest, I never do) since I was trying to accomplish my New Year’s resolution of Carpe Diem (Latin for […]

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How Pregnancy Affects Your Heart

During pregnancy, changes occur to the heart and blood vessels. The heart and blood vessels adapt to your pregnancy by working more efficiency—your blood pressure is lowered, and your heart beats stronger without undue stress on the heart. Clotting factors increase in pregnancy to protect against excessive blood loss during labor. Women who engage in […]

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An Auntie’s Guide to Helping Mamas Through Every Age

I have been an Auntie for a long time – we are taking multiple decades here – which honestly shocked me when I did the math. That’s a lot of goldfish crackers over the years, most of them crushed into the backseat of SUVs and minivans. I have been to multiple school performances and competitions; […]

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How to be a Not-Annoying Neighbor

I recently had a neighbor experience that left me super frustrated.  My husband and I came home one day to an index card in our mailbox that basically read, “I have not slept a full night in weeks due to your animals.”  That was it.  No signature.  So we went out on our date, but […]

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Why I Volunteer in My Kid’s Classroom

Picture this scene:  It’s Back To School night at your child’s elementary school, and the dreaded parent volunteer forms come out.  This past year, as I sat in the teacher’s orientation speech, a working mom next to me whispered, “I told the teacher not to expect me to volunteer at school because my job is too demanding.” Admittedly, this […]

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Car Seats are Rubbish

I’m going to say something that I know many of you disagree with, but it’s my opinion and it’s just how I feel. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry. I’m anti-car seat. It enrages me that I’m forced to put my children in a useless contraption day in and day out. I know there are countless […]

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QVC, Bike Helmets and Adulthood

Today is my 33rd birthday. When I was a kid, 33 was never an age I imagined being. 16…18…25…30…those are ages one thinks about, not 33. For starters, it’s an odd number. Add to that the fact that I have a hard time remembering that I’m an adult in general, but now I’m a married […]

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Bothersome Birthday Businesses

I am probably dating myself a bit here, but when I was kid, we didn’t really go to off-site locations for birthday parties. We hosted a handful of kids from school and the neighborhood, our moms made cakes, we all wore silly hats and played a few pin-the-tail games, and we called it done. These […]

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Why I LOVE Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding was the only parenting decision I never questioned, I mean, I was breastfed until I was pretty much 3 (then my sister was born) and my sister? Well, I know she weaned before kindergarten… Breastmilk is the perfect food for the gestating spawn? It’s free? And it *should* come right out of the pillow-things […]

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Dear ‘To Stay or To Go’

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Mom Confessions

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Mom ConfessionsWe received this anonymous response to a recent Mom Confession entitled To Stay or To Go.  Only on RMB — an anonymous conversation!  Dear ‘To Stay or To Go,’ When I read your confession, I cried for you. You see, I reluctantly divorced my […]

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The Sound of Silence

Pure silence. Do any moms out there know or remember what this sounds like? I’m not talking about the calm that comes over your house when the kids finally go to bed, but rather a “hear a pin drop” kind of silence. Over the weekend I found myself at home alone (which was weird in […]

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