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How to Stay Active and Healthy this Summer

summer picnic spread

By Dr. Amanda Magrini Dang it! It’s summer, which means endless barbecues, camping, vacations, and birthday parties with all the yummy treats and tastiest food ever. So hard to stay on track with whatever your health goals are. I do absolutely love seeing all the people out there walking, jogging, …

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Why Don’t Dads Volunteer at School?

where are the dad volunteers

Editor’s Note: Jessica Santina was recently a guest on the Reno Dads Podcast talking about this topic. Hear more from her — and from Reno Dad Jonathan Salkoff — here.  It was the end of summer last year, with one week left before the back-to-school barbecue at my daughter’s school. …

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5 Tips to Master the Selfie

Lynnette Bellin Headshot Low Res

We were recently at a Reno Moms Blog gathering when the talk turned to selfies. Two of the women in the group are masters of the selfie. Most teens are also masters of the selfie, but they likely won’t be as patient in sharing their tips with moms. I needed …

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Summer of Empathy

Photo Credit: UnSplash

How to use summer downtime for meaningful life lessons in kindness My daughters best friend told her that she wants to take kindness lesson from her. And for me, this moment was the epitome of cool. Of epic. Of a mom win. See, I don’t have a lot of claims …

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