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Nutrition Bootcamp: The Cheese Wheel Turned into Fondue….and Wine

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Daily Dental Hygiene

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m…not a huge fan of the dentist (and that’s just a slight understatement). And what scares me more is that my sentiment toward the dentist could be a huge factor to whether or not my child enjoys dental hygiene. I’m working on positive reinforcement, building up excitement […]

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Stages of Grief After Miscarriage in Real Time

Last week when doing laundry, a red bandana that was intended for the “dress-up box” I’ve been meaning to compile, somehow found it’s way into the laundry. Along with a book, a cloth diaper, and a bottle of silver glitter nail polish. Obviously Noah was helping put things away, and in my rush to get […]

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What they don’t tell you about newborns

As a family nurse practitioner and mom to two beautiful children, Paige who is two and a half and Levi who is six months, I thought I knew EXACTLY what to do as a mom. I mean, I have spent ten years as a health care provider educating new moms about breastfeeding, pumping, after birth […]

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Gun Safety – An Important Lesson

I was 8 years old, running amok in my uncle’s neighborhood, when I found an abandoned gun in the grass. It wasn’t a play, toy, or water gun. It was a real gun. In fact, it was a gun that had been abandoned due to a crime. This wasn’t a bad neighborhood, a bad town, […]

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The Myth of the “Relaxing Summer”

From the basket across the room, the cover of my Real Simple magazine calls to me with its picture of an ice cream cone and a headline that makes me chuckle: “The Most Relaxing Summer.” Why do I chuckle, you ask? Because considering the way my summer has gone, a “relaxing summer” is a hilarious […]

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how to keep mom healthy

How to keep mom healthy

As a family medicine physician, I want to write this to give moms a concise guideline of what is recommended to keep you healthy for your families. The medical world can be difficult to navigate, so my goal is to give you a snapshot of what you need to do to make sure you are up […]

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Social Media Makes Me a Better Parent

A few weeks ago, my teens and I sat at a table covered in a rainbow serape at a crowded restaurant called Fiesta Mexicana, chomping on chips and salsa, all with our eyes glued to our smartphones. It was a typical scene played out at restaurants throughout the developed world: Parents with their teen children, […]

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Feed the Fam: Baked Panko Macadamia Nut Chicken Fingers with Mango Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

This entry is part of 6 in the series Feed the Fam

This entry is part of 6 in the series Feed the Fam           Kids love chicken fingers, that is pretty much fact. If I’m being honest, I have a bit of a soft spot for them, too. This baked recipe is a healthier version of the traditional breaded and fried chicken […]

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We Need Your Vote: A Rallying Cry for Reno Moms

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could rally the power of the Reno Moms Blog community to make a positive impact on our area schools? Think Kindness is a community partner that is near and dear to our hearts here at RMB.  It is a local non-profit run by the charismatic Reno dad, Brian Williams.  The […]

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onald McDonald House Charities

GIVEAWAY: Bad Songs for a Good Cause

What is it about those songs that just won’t get out of our heads? The songs we love to hate and always make us groan or chuckle or stare intently at our watches pleading with time to go faster so it passes… Sometimes songs needle under our skin like musically inclined Ceti eels… burrowing deep […]

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My Kid Free Staycation

As our family started talking about our annual Fourth of July pilgrimage to visit my in-laws in the Bay Area, all I could think about was how much work it would be and how tired I was.  I truly did not want to go. Around the same time, my daughter made a comment that I […]

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How to Get a Bikini Body

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember!  And with that struggle came depression, bad body image, and just plain not feeling good!  At my highest weight, I was considering weight loss surgery because I was just so lost and didn’t know what else to do.  It was too hard […]

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