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Let’s Talk HPV: An Oncology Nurse’s Advice

I am Martha Aiyuk, AKA “Princess”. I was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa ...

Become a Guest Chef at the Ronald McDonald House

Imagine caring for your seriously ill child. Then imagine caring for your seriously ill child when the hospital or clinic where they receive treatment is 30 miles away, sometimes more. Despite the fact that I know several families who travel to the Bay Area so their child can receive necessary treatment, it’s hard for me […]

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Regular Date Nights Post Children: I Had No Idea What I Was Missing

I think it goes without saying, becoming a parent is pretty life changing. It changes the dynamics of everything. Suddenly you are consumed by the little being you created. It’s amazing. I fell so in love with both of my children and I fell hard. So did my husband. We are enamored with our kids. […]

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my sister has cancer

My Sister Has Cancer

I have known people who have successfully fought the battle against breast cancer.  I have lost a very dear friend who left behind 3 boys.  I have even had guests on my radio show fighting the disease and was so impressed with their strength and resilience. You always remember where you are when you get […]

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Meditating Mama

Ohhhhmmmmmm…. Ohhhmmmmmmm…… So goes the sound of my newfound hobby: meditating. After years of tentatively reading about it and dabbling in it here and there at yoga classes, I think I’ve finally become one of those people – those people who meditate. But those people are weird, right? How do they have time to focus […]

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Raising a Tall Girl

My mother used to say, “there’s nothing small about the women in our family.”  And she’s right – not only are we tall, but we are sturdy and strong with a big bone structure. (Read into that as you may.) I grew up feeling too big. I was the tallest kid in my class through […]

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Flossing: Do Kids Really Need To Do It?

Flossing is my least favorite dental activity. Mostly, it’s difficult to get my kids to floss, with one being just over one, and my second being only four. With how active, crazy, and excited they are, fighting to get them to open their mouth for a few minutes of silence is like trying to put […]

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No More Mommy Wars!

I have no idea why as mothers we have the urge to prove that we’re doing better than EVERYONE else out there or why we think that WE have it harder. Mommy wars are becoming an epidemic that just needs to stop. Why are we labeling each other to pin ourselves against one another? Shouldn’t we […]

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To My Future Self…

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Honestly, I love to hate it, hate to love it, and spend too much time debating on whether to delete my social media accounts or keep them active. I’ve taken plenty of social media breaks over the years, but have always found myself coming back because for […]

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Monster Fish: Don’t Miss This Exhibit at The Discovery

I had seen the advertisements and The Discovery’s Facebook mentions on the Monster Fish exhibit for a while, and each time, I was intrigued, thinking my kids would likely be entranced by this Monster Fish. I honestly had no idea what the exhibit was about. Was it one giant Monster Fish, kind of like our own local […]

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The Magical Diva Cup

The “cup.”  Everyone’s got questions about this little mysterious product; wondering if it works, if it’s gross, how it works, or if they should give it a try.  It’s now officially been one year since I switched to the cup, and I will NEVER go back to tampons!  Since everyone always has SO many questions […]

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Hilarious Stuff I Said Before I Had a Child

Last weekend, I was at a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends, and while the kids played, I passed the time chatting with the moms, one of whom is pregnant with her third child. We all got to talking about the stuff people say about parenting before they actually become parents. “My child […]

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Why Mamas Need a Spa Day

After weeks of holidays, with all the associated to do lists and papercuts, I swear next year will be the all gift bag and tissue paper year, I figured the mamas needed a break. A quick phone call and we were scheduled for a spa day. The three of us trudged through the snow into […]

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