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Dolan Auto Group Camp Christmas Through Dec. 10


The holidays can be such a fun and sentimental time of year, but it always makes me think back to those holidays when Christmas shopping was a struggle. I was a single mom, working and going to school with little kids, and I did my best to stretch a $40 …

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Discount Shopping to the Maxx


About two years ago, I approached my husband about my stress over our mountain of debt. “Something has to happen, we have to pay off this debt! It’s keeping me up nights!” I told him. We resolved to start paying them off, one by one, and living on a strict …

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Selfie Away, Mamas

Fayth's selfie with her son

Tomorrow is a Celebration of Life service for my aunt. A few days before Thanksgiving, she lost her courageous battle with cancer. After six short months of chemo, endless treatments, nausea, exhaustion, and more than anyone should have to endure, she was gone. In preparation for what she knew was …

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Homage for the Holidays


Toward the end of my pregnancy with my son (now three), I heard the words no pregnant woman wants to hear from her doctor: “you may want to start monitoring your weight gain.” Ack! What?! Okay, okay, so maybe I had been indulging in too many of those Raley’s two …

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