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Ballot Question Number 2: To Weed or Not to Weed?

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A few months ago, Pat Hickey, a former member of the Nevada State Legislature and the current leader of the Nevadans for Responsible Drug Policy, asked if he could meet with me to share what he wants moms to know about the recreational marijuana question on the ballot. I honestly …

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Halloween Candy: Advice from a Pediatric Dentist

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Fall is most definitely in the air. The trees are starting to change. Pumpkin patches, apple cider, and the anticipation of Halloween is among us.  As a pediatric dentist, I am often asked if Halloween is my least favorite time of year. How could a mother and a pediatric dentist …

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CASA volunteers: Heroes among us


While in college, I worked as a counselor for at-risk children and teens. I worked at a middle school, which after school hours, served as a safe zone for children and teenagers who lived in the city’s high-crime areas. It has been nearly 20 years since I worked at this …

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Get Grounded! 5 Grounding Yoga Postures for Children


Children today are plugged in. It can feel constant and relentless. Sometimes I feel I am fighting an uphill battle with my own two children. From television and video games at home to communicating with friends and family and even checking for homework assignments online, kids today spend increasing time …

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Chili Cocoa Nana Bread


I love Banana Bread, which is perfect since bananas at our house are either VANISHED overnight or left languishing in all their brown squishy glory. Of course, when dead bananas are such a frequent occurrence it prompts a little deviation. This particular iteration was inspired by chipotle seasoning left on …

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