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Dear Anyone Who Is NOT My Child: Please Don’t Call Me ‘Mom’

Should you Call her 'Mom'? A Flowchart

My 4-year-old daughter was recently in the hospital. And I don’t mean “in the hospital” as in “visiting a friend and then scampering down to the cafeteria for a chocolate fro-yo.” I mean “in the hospital” as in “hospitalized.” For days. Yet every nurse, doctor, CNA and hospital food service …

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Take ACTION to Support a Community Pool!


Let’s show our support for a community pool at the Moana Springs Facility site! Find out the great news that Sierra Nevada Community Aquatics announced this week and how you can show your support prior to the January 24 City Council meeting! Click here for details! Tweet

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Dolan Hosts Bulldozers and Beer 2018 on January 25 at 5pm


Looking for a fun night out for a good cause? American Cancer Society’s Bulldozers and Beer Event is Thursday, January 25 at Dolan Lexus. There will be good food, drink and great company celebrating the American Cancer Society and its sponsors. Awards will be given and as well as information for the …

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How to Join (or Start) a Book Club for Moms

book club

Book Clubs are for moms and nerds and nerd-moms and — well, anyone really! However, I do suppose one might need a mild interest in reading to make the effort of trying to juggle reading a book while wrangling small humans as well as possibly working part or full-time on top of the myriad of otherwise …

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