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My kids have quit the sport that I love.


Swimming has been a lifelong love for me, and I had always dreamed of raising my kids in the sport. But let’s be honest here, it takes a lot of effort and determination to raise a child as a swimmer in Reno because there is a depressing lack of public …

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The Problem with Gifted and Talented

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There has been a lot of talk about “Gifted and Talented” (GT) in my house lately. When my kids have friends over, I find that the conversation often turns to this program at school, and why my kids and many of their friends aren’t in GT. My kids are smart. …

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Errands: Bank, Store, Tattoo


Some people grab coffee on the way to the grocery store. Me? Well, sometimes I stop in for a tattoo. I’ve spent a decade in this city trying to find a place I feel safe enough and confident enough to walk into and say, “I would like to get a …

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The Guts of Our Family


Blood, guts, dust, and sagebrush. Those words sum up some of my favorite family moments. Strange, huh? See, my husband grew up hunting and somehow turned this tree-hugging hippie into a hunter too. I’m still trying to figure out where and when that happened. I think it was after I …

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