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Dear World: Here’s Anna’s 2017 Christmas Letter

christmas letter

A few weeks ago, Anna Thornley wrote this crazy insightful post about the crazy specific steps to writing the perfect Christmas letter. We totally celebrate her crazy awesome spirit — and today, she is sharing her Christmas letter with Reno Moms Blog. ________________________________________________ 2017 is coming to a close and we are pleased to report …

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Stuff I Resolve to Let Go

December is always a particularly meaningful and contemplative time for me. There’s Christmas — about which, I confess, I’m absolutely obsessed, am always immersed in by November 1, and find its trappings immensely joyful — and the whole end-of-a-year thing; but also, I was born in December. Now that I …

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Pregnancy sucks sometimes! Hard pregnancy truths

pregnancy exhaustion

Let me start with this…. I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my second child. It took some serious persuading my husband on my part, since he was perfectly content with just our one little princess, so I’ve been working on him for over a year to win him over for another …

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Go Forth and #Light the World


For the last few years, my family has followed the LDS #LightTheWorld service calendar during the holidays. The calendar has acts of service for each day in December accompanied by short videos. Some suggestions require a little more effort than others. Most are things that can be done very easily, like “love …

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