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What does your family do?

work from home mome

The best kept worst secret of having a school-aged kid are ALL the days out of school. Now, I get it. Teachers need work days. There are holidays. Kids need breaks. Yadda Yadda. I KNOW. But, seriously! The scheduling shenanigans that take place to figure out what to do with …

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Raising Boys in the Time of “Me Too”

me too

With the recent resurgence of the “Me Too” hashtag, and seeing almost every single one of my female friends, business partners, acquaintances, etc. post just the hashtag, or be brave enough to tell their story, it really got me thinking. Especially as a mom of two young boys. How do …

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want


If a stranger had to explain the essence of Lindsey, I don’t think that you would get too many varying degrees of what makes me, me. I mean, sure, you’d probably be able to find an ex-suitor or two, that would have their own opinions, but I feel, as a …

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What Great Grandma Can Teach Us About Food

grandmas kitchen

As a Functional Medicine and Holistic Doctor, I believe that many of our modern ailments are due to a loss of traditional ways of eating.  As I work with patients and clients of all ages, I am made aware that we seem to be getting sicker and sicker, with each …

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WGU Nevada is offering $325,000 in Full-Ride Scholarships for Aspiring Teachers as Part of Statewide ‘Teach Nevada’ Scholarship Program


Contemplating a career in education, but worried about the potential cost and time of going back to school? WGU Nevada is here to help. Thanks in part to the State of Nevada Department of Education’s “Teach Nevada” program, our online, competency-based university is currently offering 18 full-ride scholarships to newly …

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