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Easy Blender Pancakes


This is the easiest (healthy) pancake recipe you’ll find out there! I have two boys – one who is almost 4, and one who is 16 months. They both DEVOUR these pancakes every time we make them. I meal prep these pancakes 1-2 times a week, and it saves a …

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Keep Calm and Puppy On (With a Toddler)

puppy and toddler

“You know how no one told you how hard it is to have a baby?” I heard my best friend’s voice say in a comfortably familiar tone through my cell phone, “Well this is me saying, if you get a puppy with a toddler, its going to be hard. This …

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Survival Guide to Winter Break

girl in front of screen

Ahhh!  The Holidays.  With 3 weeks Winter Break for us here in Washoe County.  Yes, it can be a bit too long for some of us. Either we are working and our kids spend 2/3 of the Break in Camp or Kids’ Club, OR we are at home with them and …

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The Elephant in the Room…Santa Claus


I’m sorry, but what the hell is up with parents that choose not to trick their kids into believing Santa Claus exists?!? A lot of my mom friends are not perpetuating the Santa Claus myth and I’m surprised, like really? Its super fun as a parent to play along in …

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Holiday Cards, A Variation


Every year I wait with anticipation for the first one to arrive. December is the best mail month! I adore the thought and love each card contains. I love that the sender thinks enough of my little family to place us on a list of people important enough to send …

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