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What I Learned

photo by: JLM Creative Photography

I GRADUATED! No joke, May 12, 2016, I graduated from UNR with a Master’s of Science in Nursing! Remember my first day? Here we are… I walked across the stage and was HOODED! Of course, it’s more than just the hood, the surreal feeling of completion, and the insanity of …

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Giving Up on the Uninvolved Grandparents

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I’m a firm believer in a grandparent’s role in their grandchild’s life. I believe that it’s vital that they know them and that they spend time with them to create that special bond, after all, those are our parents. I only got to meet 2 out of 4 of my …

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The dreaded L word

Image credit: Lice Doctors

It was a Sunday. I was sitting on the couch, playing with my daughter’s hair when I saw it. Well, I didn’t know what “it” was. We had been playing outside for most of the day, so I just figured it was a gnat or some other kind of creepy …

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My Dog, Spider


Thirteen years ago last month, I adopted a “used” liver and white springer spaniel from the PetSmart  next to the Costco here in town.  When I adopted him, his name was Andy but I quickly changed it to Spider, as a tribute to my alma mater, the University of Richmond Spiders.  The PetSmart from …

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