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Money Lessons from Mom

saving money

Guest Post by Dr. Kimberly Greenman Growing up, I remember eating on a picnic bench inside our home for several years. Why did we have a rough pine outdoor picnic table (splinters and all) in our dining room? We had a picnic table because we were a family of eight …

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Your Guide to Summer Movie Deals in Northern Nevada

eating popsicles trapping bugs

Panicking about what to do with the kids this summer? You are SO not alone. But one thing I know for certain in the vast and often deserted landscape of parenthood: Kids love movies. And better yet, kids of all ages love movies — older kids, turns out, even find the “way beneath them” …

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FAQs about Gardasil


By Dr. Amanda Magrini A vaccine that helps prevent cancer? Say whaaaaaat? It’s the only thing we have like it, and the results so far are promising. It’s been out since 2006, and a study that was released last year showed a 29 percent decrease in the diagnosis of invasive …

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The True Gift on Mother’s Day and Every Day

Photo Credit: Tom Jutte, Flickr

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, I can’t help but think of two mothers in the Reno community that we have lost recently: Sarah Herndon and Emily Reese, both women I met through Reno Moms Blog. I met Sarah when she came to my house to talk to me about …

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