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Vaping? How bad can it be?


I have to be honest. Vaping was first becoming a thing when I was starting practice after residency, and when patients asked me about it, my common response was “Well, I feel like it has to be safer than smoking cigarettes, but there’s not enough evidence on it yet”. Here’s …

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7 Diseases That May Be Prevented by Brushing and Flossing

Dr. Perry Francis

If you could help prevent your children from dangerous, even life-threatening illnesses for something that takes about two to three minutes per day, would you do it?  I’m guessing you absolutely would.  Scientists are making new discoveries practically on a daily basis about the correlation between oral health and many …

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Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway


People who know me well know I love to give and gift to others. I love helping with practical needs, such as groceries, and my husband and I prioritize a portion of our money to go towards doing so. What people don’t often know, is that many years ago, WE …

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Riding the Polar Express This Year? Here Are Your Tips!

Family at the Polar Express

Fairly certain I risk losing my Mom Card for this admission: But I’ve never read “The Polar Express.” Nor have I, I guess I should add, ever seen the movie. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays. My approach can best be summarized by considering Christmas music: If …

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