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Summer of Empathy

Photo Credit: UnSplash

How to use summer downtime for meaningful life lessons in kindness My daughters best friend told her that she wants to take kindness lesson from her. And for me, this moment was the epitome of cool. Of epic. Of a mom win. See, I don’t have a lot of claims …

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The Soccer Experience

Reno 1868 Football Club

It was raining. Not the rain for ten minutes kind of rain – but the kind of rain that has you drenched like a mop bucket – the merciless, pouring, pounding kind of rain. It wasn’t cold, so instead, you felt like you were pushed into a muggy puddle, dirty, …

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Leaning In to Me

Photo credit: Karenina K on Flickr

When I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In years ago, I definitely was inspired. I made a conscious effort to Lean In to so many areas of my life. I volunteered for stretch projects at work. I joined the board of a charity. I volunteered at school. I took project management …

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Don’t Be So Quick to Hand Over that Phone, Momma!

children and screen time

By Dr. Amanda Magrini Let me put it out there that my oldest has most definitely spent more than an hour on my phone, tablet, or cartoons in a day on some occasions — so this is by no means a parent-shaming article. I’m just setting general ground rules and …

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Why Water Wings Are The Devil

child swimming

It’s that time of year again, when we all start hitting the pools, and the lifeguard in me starts fuming when I see kids bobbing around in the pool in water wings, life vests and suits with flotation inserts. Why? As a former swim coach, instructor, pool manager, and lifeguard, …

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