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Miscarriage Stats and Insight from Dr. Amanda Magrini

stages of miscarriage grief

This is a really difficult point of discussion, but something that is so important to get out there for women who have experienced the tragedy of pregnancy loss. First of all, it is common- we will just get the numbers out of the way to start – overall, it’s estimated …

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The Burden of Your Online Voice


It’s election season – I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’m sure you’ve noticed the amount of animosity, intolerance, and general memeification that has become our generation’s case studies. With election season, comes the reminder that your voice has power. We, as a general population, have devalued ourselves as individuals, and we …

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We don’t always have to watch…

Lynnette's son at a game, where she did make sure to watch with undivided attention!

Have you noticed that the new norm seems to be that moms are expected to WATCH our kids’ every activity? When I was a kid, I don’t recall my mom watching the majority of my sports practices. I do remember her arranging carpools, dropping me off, and picking me up …

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Ballerina Butterflies


“I want to be. Just. Like. Them,” the little girl in me cries! I am sure I am not alone when I say ballerinas are the ultimate in beautifully mysterious. It’s irrelevant that I am turning 40 in a couple weeks. I WANT to be a ballerina. So I became …

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What I Learned

photo by: JLM Creative Photography

I GRADUATED! No joke, May 12, 2016, I graduated from UNR with a Master’s of Science in Nursing! Remember my first day? Here we are… I walked across the stage and was HOODED! Of course, it’s more than just the hood, the surreal feeling of completion, and the insanity of …

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