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The Surprising Foods that Might Be Sabotaging Your Gut Health


Ahh summer time! Don’t we all LOVE summer? One of my favorite things about summer is the produce — whether from a farmers market, the grocery store or off a tree. My kids and I hold sacred our Tuesday trips to the farmers market and delight in the colorful fruit and veggies we purchase …

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South Reno: Arrowcreek Middle School Is At Risk! We Need You August 9!

Stephanie and her children

Almost two years, our community banded together and ensured that WC-1 passed to fund new schools and significant repairs for older schools in our growing community. 57% of voters supported this initiative. I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond frustrated to have learned that local residents are fighting the construction …

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A Love Letter to My Mini Van

image1 (17)

Recently, my mini van was in the body shop after I was backed into at school pick-up. I had a rental car for about two weeks, and it was a very nice little SUV, definitely worked for that time, but oh how I missed my van! I kept forgetting to …

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Date Night: Bocce Edition

The Shore Restaurant at Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel

My husband Mike and I both grew up in Reno and have been dating for 14 years. That’s a lot of nights out, a lot of dinners and movies. We love to go out and explore Reno, but with kids, we have to decide what qualifies as a good enough night …

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Finding Grace In This Season Of Life

new life

We all strive to be the best parents we can be. What does “the best parents we can be” really mean, though? It’s easy to want to compare ourselves to friends or family who have been through the early stages of parenthood before, but how many of us take the time …

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