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How to Grocery Shop for your Food-Allergic Kids

Grocery shopping for food-allergic kids

Have you ever stood in your pantry or in front of a cupboard full of food and thought, “Well, which of these items is going to kill my kid?” I’m sorry if you have. Really. It is incredibly frustrating. Your child is diagnosed with food allergies, and your entire meal …

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Here’s Why I’m a Minimalist Mommy

Minimalism in practice

  My biggest and maybe most selfish reason for minimalism can be summed up in two simple words: less mess! As a stay-at-home mom of two young children, it feels as if the messes never end. Even when my kids “help,” clean up it is a whole lot of work. …

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That Time of the Month? Beware the Yellow Zone

caution sign

It happens to pretty much every woman I know, at some point in her life. But, for me it became so much of a thing, that I have a name for it: the Yellow Zone. You know, the week before your period when the rest of the world goes crazy …

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