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A Parent’s Role During a Child’s Dental Visit


  I wrote a blog post a few months ago about the parent’s role in preparing their children for an upcoming dental visit. Today I will talk about the philosophy in our office about the role parents play during their child’s dental visit. We do not have a policy in our …

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Who is Richard Jay?

Richard Jay_RGB (Web)

If you follow any of the conversations in the Facebook comments about local politics, you know his name. Richard Jay. The exchanges usually have some person making an angry, flippant response about a news article on local government or WCSD. And then you’ll see Richard Jay responding with thoughtful research …

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Reno Mom Creates Cute Clothes for the No-Bra Zone


OK moms, so tell me if any of these scenarios sounds remotely familiar: You’re off to drop your beautiful child at daycare, but you have no desire to take off your cozy sweatshirt, put on a bra, then put your sweatshirt back on — and yet you do. Because decency. …

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How to tell if you’ve found a great waxer


We had a local mom reach out to us to let us know she was opening a business called Waxing the City; she wanted a contributor to visit and write a review. What she didn’t know was that Reno Moms Blog was sending in its heavy hitter, someone who has been in the spa industry …

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