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Candy Cane Express: Insider Tips for an Afternoon of Christmas Joy

Train Depot Santa really was the best Santa.

My 7th grade Nevada history instructor from Clayton Middle School, Mr. Gandolfo, would likely do somersaults in his grave if he could hear the following admission: I’ve never ridden the V&T Railroad. So very sorry, Mr. G. But I made it up to him today (and seriously thought about so many of the things …

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Mother-in-Law or Monster-in-Law?


“My mother-in-law is a complete nightmare,” said my friend for the fifth time in the same conversation. In response, I gave a sympathetic smile and a few words of encouragement, and then thought about my mother-in-law. The “monster-in-law” sentiment can be an all-too-common scenario for many, and I feel fortunate …

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Why I Love Thanksgiving, Especially This Year

grateful for family

A lot of people are not too excited about holidays, with added stress and expenses and family drama. And I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t seem to enjoy or care about Thanksgiving. It gets kind of overshadowed by the heavy hitters of Halloween and Christmas, but it has …

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