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Testing the Waters at Silver Bear Swim School

Ringing the Bell

I didn’t learn to swim until I was 11 years old. I remember being frustrated when I went to the pool with my friends and I couldn’t hang out with them in the deep end as easily. There was one time, I remember trying to play “lifeguard” with my cousin and …

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I’m Being Auctioned Off on Saturday. Here’s Why.


Today I was confronted by the “what ifs” of my worst nightmare. I walked through the doors of the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation (NNCCF) thinking about the sober reality underscoring the need for this non-profit: It is one of the first places families come after a cancer diagnosis of a child. …

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How to Stay Active and Healthy this Summer

summer picnic spread

By Dr. Amanda Magrini Dang it! It’s summer, which means endless barbecues, camping, vacations, and birthday parties with all the yummy treats and tastiest food ever. So hard to stay on track with whatever your health goals are. I do absolutely love seeing all the people out there walking, jogging, …

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Why Don’t Dads Volunteer at School?

where are the dad volunteers

Editor’s Note: Jessica Santina was recently a guest on the Reno Dads Podcast talking about this topic. Hear more from her — and from Reno Dad Jonathan Salkoff — here.  It was the end of summer last year, with one week left before the back-to-school barbecue at my daughter’s school. …

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5 Free (or Almost Free) Things to Do with the Kids this Week


We’re halfway into summer, and the “anyone know of anything free to do this week with my kiddos” questions are rolling in on the mom boards! I hear ya, mommas. Getting the kids out of the house without totally killing your budget can be challenging. Soooo….here are five free, or …

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