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The Endless Spinning Plates of Parenthood

Photo credit: Antony Stanley

A mom’s mental load: I once broached this topic with my husband. After explaining it to him, he looked at me like I had grown an extra set of eyes. He didn’t understand, and I couldn’t come up with another way to explain. I wished I could draw him a …

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What Do I Get For My $10?

jessica s post

I’ve always been an active classroom volunteer at my daughter’s elementary school, but last year, as the changes with the Nevada School Wellness Policy started rolling out and I heard the desperate call for new board members on the school’s parent-faculty association, I decided that I wanted to be more …

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What Moms Need Now is a Community of Support

kids playing outside

Hello mamas! My name is Melanie. I’m a wife to a wonderful man, and we are going on five years together. We have two boys, ages 3.5 and 11 months. I’ve had the privilege of being able to stay home with our boys from the very beginning. It hasn’t always …

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Pack This, Not That: Your Hospital Bag Checklist

what to bring to the hospital for delivery

When we went to the hospital to have our first baby, you bet I was prepared. I had my hospital bag packed at least three months in advance of my induction, and I had spent a whole lot of time finding the perfect outfits for both myself and my baby …

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