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Winners of the 2018 Dolan Class Project Announced

dolan 1

Dolan Automotive Group is happy to announce the winners of the 2018 Dolan Class Project! We will start with the 10 winners of $2500….. 1. Hug ROTC 2. Hugh Gallagher 4th Grade 3. AACT Leadership 4. Eagle Co-Op Robotics 5. Pleasant Valley 5th Grade RYAN: 6. Caughlin Ranch 3rd Grade 7. …

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My Family’s Year-of-Service Project


I’ve sentenced my family to a year of community service. Let me explain. At the end of 2016, my husband and I bought a house. I mean, it’s the kind of house we feel like we never want to leave. Granite countertops, hardwood floors. We have a great view of …

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The First Goodbye

Dog giving the baby a kiss!

I’m going to warn you, dear reader, that this article is a sad one. Death is never a happy subject. Yet eventually all of us will face some sort of death in our lives, with our pets often being the first goodbye we say. Ace had just been in for his …

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A Letter to My Pregnant Friend

Nora and Mom

My dear friend, You are pregnant!!! YAY! I am so excited that I have tears in my eyes typing this. You will be an amazing mother. I can see the love for your baby in your eyes, hear it in your voice and feel it when I see you touch …

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Martial Arts for Kids: Why I Love It!

the academy

I always worried about having kids who were sports nuts. I am definitely not athletic, although I tried when I was growing up, in order to be included in activities. I played soccer, basketball and volleyball. Soccer lasted about a year, did not enjoy it. Basketball was longer, I really …

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