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Stop Shoulding on Yourself!


Does this resonate with you: Do you use the word “should” frequently? Examples might include: I should go and play Legos with the kids instead of washing the dishes. I should get up earlier and work out. I should really get off my phone and finish the 14 other projects …

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Join Reno Moms Blog at #IMomSoHard on March 3!


The Mom event of the year is happening March 3 at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino! We at Reno Moms Blog are super excited (and by that, I mean in an over the top fan girl way) that Kristin and Jen from IMomSoHard will be stopping for a night in …

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Reflections: Interviews with 4 Moms of Adult Children

mom and daughter

I had the privilege of asking 10 reflective questions to moms who are “done” raising their children. (Translation: We know motherhood is never “done” or over with — but this means these moms don’t have children who live in their homes anymore, and their roles in their adult children’s lives have changed). …

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“Sense” It’s Valentine’s Day…


Before parenthood, special occasions are full of spontaneity with last-minute trips and impulse buys and spur-of-the-moment adventures. Nowadays, spontaneity only exists in the form of my child waking up at random hours in the night — and you better believe we have Very Important Discussions™ before buying any big ticket items …

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