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4 Things I’d Like You to Know as You Turn 4


My first baby turned 4 years old today, and I don’t know what to do with myself. Time is the most cunning thief of all thieves. I’m in disbelief at where we’re at, leaving the “baby” stage behind with a now-4-year-old and a 19-month-old. Since I’m feeling sentimental today, I’ll …

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The Facts About Gestational Diabetes 

pregnant woman

So all you pregnant mommas know and love the infamous “1-hour glucose tolerance test” — or if it’s your first pregnancy, and you are early on, you will come to know and love it! If you’re like I was, particularly with this pregnancy, I had to psych myself up for …

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Toothbrush 101 from The Smile Shop

rmb smile shop

There are endless options of toothbrushes these days and when you go to the store, the choices can be overwhelming. When it comes to manual vs. electric, there is no right or wrong answer. Studies have shown that when brushing with an electric toothbrush, people tend to brush longer, but …

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How I Solved the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ Panic


I’ve been a mother for more than eight years. I’ve been a human for more than 37 years. And yet I am completely baffled by the notion that my family expects to eat dinner every night. Like, every. single. night. All the nights. They want dinner!  It doesn’t even seem …

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