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How to tell if you’ve found a great waxer


We had a local mom reach out to us to let us know she was opening a business called Waxing the City; she wanted a contributor to visit and write a review. What she didn’t know was that Reno Moms Blog was sending in its heavy hitter, someone who has been in the spa industry …

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On the Hunt (for Employment)

spirit animal

In December of last year, I started a new job. It had been a solid 7 years since I had been through an official interview process, updated resume to boot. 7 years. I was overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and frustrated. And I’ll give you some inside information – I work in …

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My Facebook Detox


It was March, and I was in about week 4 of my depression. I have always had a tendency toward depression, though in the last few years I had been pretty consistently happy. But then that kid shot up a high school in Florida. Of all the social media outlets, …

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