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Dolan Class Project Winners Announced

dolan 4

The 2017 Dolan Class Project has truly blown us away. 33 classrooms came together within the last two months to better our community through fun and unique outreach projects. The students and teachers that participated took the project seriously and made it their mission to impact others. It was a …

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Spring Break Staycation at Circus Circus


Sometimes I forget just how much fun we can have right here in northern Nevada, so when a recent opportunity came up to stay in a newly renovated room at Circus Circus, I jumped on it. It was just what my family needed – a break from the chaos of …

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Spring Break Camps at Artsy Craftsy

aftsy craftsy

Looking for a fun, enriching activity for your children while they’re on Spring Break? Artsy Craftsy is a home based art program, and they’re offering half day art camps in South Reno. Shwetha Bayya is a local artist that started the Artsy Craftsy business in 2010, which now has three …

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Pies for Pi Day

Pi Day. Was that even a thing when we were kids? Pi Day is March 14 – you know, 3/14 – because in math, pi is 3.14. Pretty clever, isn’t it? But we couldn’t just leave it at clever, could we? No, we had to get all over-achieving over here and DO …

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One Reason To Wear Pants

Anna and her dogs

At 2:30 this morning Spider, our liver and white Springer Spaniel, woke me up to say that he needed to go out. I attempted to ignore him and hoped that my husband would wake up and take care of it. I knew quite well that my husband was not going to wake up and it was clear that Spider …

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