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Join Reno Moms Blog at #IMomSoHard on March 3!


The Mom event of the year is happening March 3 at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino! We at Reno Moms Blog are super excited (and by that, I mean in an over the top fan girl way) that Kristin and Jen from IMomSoHard will be stopping for a night in …

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Reflections: Interviews with 4 Moms of Adult Children

mom and daughter

I had the privilege of asking 10 reflective questions to moms who are “done” raising their children. (Translation: We know motherhood is never “done” or over with — but this means these moms don’t have children who live in their homes anymore, and their roles in their adult children’s lives have changed). …

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“Sense” It’s Valentine’s Day…


Before parenthood, special occasions are full of spontaneity with last-minute trips and impulse buys and spur-of-the-moment adventures. Nowadays, spontaneity only exists in the form of my child waking up at random hours in the night — and you better believe we have Very Important Discussions™ before buying any big ticket items …

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Love Your Bugs


Until very recently, modern medicine’s war on microbes has been in full swing. Louis Pasteur proposed the Germ Theory of Disease in 1860. Armed with the knowledge that germs caused all disease, the Holy Grail of Medicine became to eradicate bugs: disease-causing bugs, bugs on our hands, bugs in our air, …

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