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The Great Balloon….Card Collection!

I was born and raised in Sparks, Nevada and as such, there are few things I hold more sacred than the Great Hot Air Balloon Race. As a child, my parents packed us into our white Volkswagen bus with sleeping bags, a thermos filled with hot chocolate, and homemade cinnamon …

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MEGA Awesome: 6 Insights from MEGA Body at The Discovery

MEGA Body Digestive

  Reno has a new resident for three days only, and she’s monstrous — but in a totally educational, fascinating, only slightly unnerving way. Meet Megan, a 50-foot long, 15-foot wide and 12-foot high inflatable replica of the human body that is gracing the interior of The Discovery for three days only. …

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Postponing a Filling with Silver Diamine Fluoride

What do you do when a little one needs a filling? Read more from Dr. Whitney Garol for a few options depending on a child’s ability to sit for the length of a dental procedure. If your child isn’t quite able to sit for a filling, there is a newer …

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