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About the Co-Founders

Jenny Petty

Jenny Petty is co-founder and former partner and site manager of Reno Moms Blog.  Jenny grew up in rural Nevada and married frugal-outdoorsman-handyman Travis in 2010. They have a 3 year old son, Henry, and welcomed a sweet baby girl, Claire, in October. 40+ hours a week she works in digital marketing for a Fortune 1000 company and when she isn’t sleeping or tending to her kids, she likes to dabble in crafting, updating her blog, Tales of a Durtty Home, reading anything not written by Dr. Seuss or Eric Carle, and pretending to be Martha Stewart (the domestic Goddess on TV, not the insider trader that went to jail). At the top of her long list of loves is traveling, adventures, mojitos, horses, shoes, writing with Sharpies, every season of Real Housewives OC (Tamra! Gretchen!), the rural west, spa days, Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, Target, the sound of her children laughing and date nights with her husband, Mr. Durtty.

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Annie McFarland

Happily married to her former neighbor, Annie is mom to three kids age four and under. She (mostly) balances life at home with working full-time in brand and media licensing. Off the clock, you can find Annie on the couch with her nose in a book (or pressed up against the Kindle), thinking about maybe doing some scrapbooking, or listening to NPR podcasts (she’s what you call “indoorsy”). If it’s football season, she will faithfully support her Southern husband by cheering on the Auburn Tigers and Atlanta Falcons. View all posts by Annie.


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