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What You Need to Know About Strep Throat

strep throat

Our children give us so many gifts through our lives, including things like hand foot and mouth disease (see my article on this previously) and multiple cold viruses. Recently, my daughter Juliette gave me the gift of strep throat, which I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing since I was …

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Socks Were Never Meant to Have Partners

As the primary laundry-doer around here, I find myself constantly pondering the following: WHERE ARE ALL THE SOCKS? We are a family of six, and we own no less than a billion pairs of socks[1]. How many of those pairs are currently in their natural, paired-up state, happily living their …

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How to Day Out With Thomas and Friends


This past weekend, we surprised our 2-year-old with a “Day out With Thomas,” put on by the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Virginia City. It’s a 25-minute train ride, and many of the activities can fill a whole day. Here’s what I learned: Ideally, you want to show up about 45 …

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