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The Yoga Pod Student Pass: A Great Way to Enjoy Yoga Together!

I avoided yoga for most of my life, but when Yoga Pod opened close to my house, I went to check it out and bought a 10-class pass. After taking one class, I just knew – I need more of this in my life.  

I exchanged that 10-class pass for an unlimited membership and two and a half years later, yoga and the community at Yoga Pod have become an integral part of my life. I joined looking for physical fitness, but what I found was that yoga has been crucial to my mental health.

My kids used to make fun of my yoga habit. But last summer, my daughter got bored. And remarkably, she started asking to go to yoga with me. Next thing I knew, she was hooked, too.

It makes me so happy to see her learning the skills of yoga – both mentally and physically — at such an early age, as I know these skills will help carry her through the best and worst of times.

OK, so my daughter is just a tad flexible… She is a dancer after all!

From learning to turn to your breath in challenging situations to the importance of finding inner peace so that you can share that peace with the world – these are skills that will help her cope with everything from raging hormones to academic pressures.

One of the great things about Yoga Pod is how they welcome school-age children into the studio, and they also have unlimited student passes available during the school breaks. This summer, my daughter will join me in unlimited yoga, and it will give us some special mother-daughter time while we also work to improve our health. The student pass is $199 for unlimited classes from June 1 through August 31, and it is truly an amazing deal for students of all ages. The student pass is available for students from Kindergarten through college!

If your child hasn’t been exposed to yoga before or wouldn’t be interested in unlimited yoga, they also offer twice-weekly children’s yoga for a $10/class drop-in fee. These classes are geared for children ages 5-12.

I love how Yoga Pod welcomes people of all ages and abilities, greeting you by name as you come in the door and encouraging you as you grow your own yoga practice at your own pace. You won’t find any strict or intolerant yogis here!

Come join my daughter and me at Yoga Pod this summer, and you’ll experience the unique bond of doing yoga side by side with your school-age child, doing something that both of you will enjoy! Come try a free week with your child (tell them Reno Moms Blog sent you) and experience it for yourself!


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