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Bento Boxes: Quick and Cute School Lunches

I *heart* creative bento box lunches. But just so I don’t scare anyone off, I’m not talking about cutting faces out of seaweed or dying pasta to make hair. I admire those who do, but I know myself and my son — I’m not that dedicated, and he isn’t going to eat seaweed or anything …

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Dear Daughter: I Am NOT Lazy!

Dear Daughter: On a recent weekend, I sat down for a minute on the couch and started browsing social media. That’s when you looked over from watching TV (which you had been doing for at least an hour) and said, “Mom! You are so LAZY! It’s almost dinner time! What …

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10 Everyday Things That Are Bad For Your Kids Teeth

Teaching children to have healthy habits when it comes to dental health is important to keeping those chompers for their entire lifetime. Dr. Whitney Garol of the Smile Shop reminds us of everyday things that are bad for kids’ teeth: Sugar – An obvious choice for something that is bad …

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