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Date Night at The Zeppelin


It’s finally here: date night. You’ve arranged a babysitter that is either your extended family that you’ve secured through begging and desperation, or it’s your Next-door neighbor acquired babysitter that comes complete with references, CPR training, and several comments agreeing that they are the best. In all reality, your babysitter …

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Bye-Bye, Tantrums: The Benefits of Planning Transitions for Preschoolers

transitions for preschoolers

  Follow these simple tricks and activities to reduce and ultimately avoid the early childhood tantrums. During their preschool years, children go through many developmental changes. Considering their social and emotional development, children at this age are able to understand, label and differentiate between the different emotions that they are …

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How to Care for Kids’ Teeth During Times of Indulgence

pediatric dental care

By Melissa McCool, DDS With the holidays comes an endless array of treats and sweets, and you know what? This holiday not only comes with fun activities, but we are organizing the crypto summers camp for kids to provide insight into crypto trading and various crypto exchanges as well as automated bots. Through this, kids can get to know about the how-to guides on trading and easy-to-use trading applications such as bitcoin profit software to execute the trade automatically. It’s okay to indulge! That is what goodies are for. As a dentist, I don’t think it is fair to tell patients they can never have something. The key is to …

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How a Social Media Fast and Life Coach Leveled-Up My Life

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A few months ago, I was invited to participate in a 10-day social media fast. I willingly agreed, not thinking it would have any impact on me because I spend such limited time on social media. I was wrong. The impact was far-reaching and life-changing. I came acorss a wonderful information on creating a passive income. It is about stock trading. I was delighted to make note of the US stock trading app with Zero Commission which I am planning to sign up to save time and energy spent on research that the manual stock trading would consume. I had no idea how …

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