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Meet The Site Managers

Reno Moms Blog was founded in 2013 by Jenny Petty and Annie McFarland. The site is currently owned by Lynnette Bellin and managed by the team below.

Lynnette Bellin is the owner and site manager of the Reno Moms Blog. She is a married mother of a tween girl and a rambunctious little boy. Lynnette moved to Reno in 2001 after choosing to live in a place that she loved for its natural beauty. Lynnette has written four childrens’ books, including The Kindness Ninja and a series of three books called Adeline’s Magical Moments Collection. She has been obsessed with blogging since 2002. She is also on the board of Think Kindness, a local non-profit that inspires measurable acts of kindness. Lynnette loves to experience the outdoor adventures in our area, including skiing, hiking, camping, and open water swimming. She is especially thrilled to have her kids starting to love the same hobbies, and spends a lot of time shuttling them to the pool, Lake Tahoe or the ski area depending on the season. Lynnette’s life is a blur of kid activities, mediating sibling arguments, making homemade meals, and hugs and kisses, mixed with days of working in content marketing.  View all posts by Lynnette.


Lindsey Sanford Schmitt is a managing partner of Reno Moms blog.  She is an ultimate Frisbee loving, marketing exec who loves Reno a little too much. She knits, reads, writes, and loves long walks on the beach. She’s trying out this new “standing-desk” thing – and finding that it’s not quite so bad. Lindsey is a recent mom of two, her little one was born on September 21st, and she still can’t sleep. Above all else, she believes in being honest with our struggles, to paint a more accurate picture of what motherhood means – leading to a supportive community of fellow swimmers. View all posts by Lindsey.




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  1. I am not a mom, nor do I live in Reno — but I love what you all are doing! Continue to write, continue to speak up and be strong advocates and role models for your children and community.

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