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The Elephant in the Room…Santa Claus

I’m sorry, but what the hell is up with parents that choose not to trick their kids into believing Santa Claus exists?!? A lot of my mom friends are not perpetuating the Santa Claus myth and I’m surprised, like really? Its super fun as a parent to play along in …

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Holiday Cards, A Variation


Every year I wait with anticipation for the first one to arrive. December is the best mail month! I adore the thought and love each card contains. I love that the sender thinks enough of my little family to place us on a list of people important enough to send …

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Dear World: Here’s Anna’s 2017 Christmas Letter

A few weeks ago, Anna Thornley wrote this crazy insightful post about the crazy specific steps to writing the perfect Christmas letter. We totally celebrate her crazy awesome spirit — and today, she is sharing her Christmas letter with Reno Moms Blog. ________________________________________________ 2017 is coming to a close and we are pleased to report …

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Stuff I Resolve to Let Go

December is always a particularly meaningful and contemplative time for me. There’s Christmas — about which, I confess, I’m absolutely obsessed, am always immersed in by November 1, and find its trappings immensely joyful — and the whole end-of-a-year thing; but also, I was born in December. Now that I …

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