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Seriously, what are the differences between a COLD and THE FLU? Possibly more important, WHY DO I CARE? The reason to care is the existence of TAMIFLU, a medication one can start in the first 48 hours of the flu to reduce symptoms and shorten the course of the illness. There is some …

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Risking Your Marriage By Doing Home Projects Together

When we first moved into our first house here in Reno, we lived in Damonte Ranch.  The house we bought was brand new when we moved in and came with an un-landscaped backyard.  For our first Christmas in the house, we had a professional landscape plan done and we set …

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Please, Somebody Buy Me Panties!

I hate buying underwear. I hate it so much that I have made other people for the majority of my life buy them for me. From ages 0-18, it was a given that my parents provided me underwear whether it was back to school shopping or a Christmas stocking stuffer. …

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