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Something For Everyone at the Reno Running Fest September 8-9

I’m really not good at running. I’m seriously just not built for it, and I am a bit slow.

OK, I’m really slow.

But I’ve recently gotten into running again thanks to joining Orange Theory. Turns out I actually enjoy pushing myself when a coach tells me what to do. I also used to enjoy doing fun runs. Back before I kind of fell out of running for a few years.

I’ve been trying to get my daughter to run for ages. I even tried to do a 5K run with her when she was 6. She promised she could run the whole way. For the first ¼ mile, I was thrilled that I was running a 5K with my daughter. Then she bonked. And I ended up having to kick my then 3-year-old son out of the jogging stroller and put him piggyback so that I could push my 6-year-old the remainder of the 5K. It was brutal doing 5K with 30 pounds on my back and pushing 50 pounds. I vowed not to do another fun run with kids until they trained for it.

I’ve tried to talk my daughter into doing the Girls on The Run program at her school, but she was having none of it. But this summer, she got bored enough that she started asking to go to the gym with me. And turns out she’s a damn good runner. She has these crazy long legs and slim build that are a joy to watch when they hit their stride. She has been completely kicking my butt on the treadmill.

When I heard about the Reno Running Fest, I decided the time had come for the two of us to try another run. There really is something for everyone at this event on September 8-9. In fact, this super family friendly event has one-mile categories. Yay! I got pretty excited when I read about the categories of one-mile races, from age group to Elite Mile Heats (so not me), a Fun Mile Heat, and a Dog Mile Heat. There’s also a 50-yard dash called the Reno’s Main Drag Dash for kids 11 & under, which I’m pretty sure my son could rock despite his complete disinterest in running at this point.

If you’re a REAL runner, the 6th annual Reno 10 Miler and 50th Annual Journal Jog will be run simultaneously. See? Something for EVERYONE!

You can register before September 5 to get discounted entry fees, or if you’re a procrastinator, pay a bit more and register at packet pick up.

Whatever you do, come on out – there’s no better way to teach kids about the fitness lifestyle than surrounding them by a bunch of really happy runners!



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