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Reno 5000-August’s Family-Friendly Race is Coming Up!

The third and final summer 2018 Reno 5000 race by Dolan is coming up in just a couple weeks! My family and I ran the first one of the series three months ago, and despite it being incredibly cold that morning, we had an absolute blast. It was our first “family” race that we had ever done together, and was a great experience.

My three children who raced even made it up onto the podium and were elated to receive a trophy in addition to their finishers medal. Their faces as they neared the finish line were filled with huge smiles. I was so proud of their efforts, especially since they were so upset at the weather that day! I got second place in my age group, which if you know me at all personally, is great because I kinda like to win things.

My husband and I do a few races during the year. The Dolan races are awesome because it’s one of the only events where we participate WITH our children. We get to cheer them on while they run the 1 mile, and then they get to cheer us on when we run our 5k. Usually, Ben and I race out of town races, so we don’t have anyone personally meeting us at the finish line. Do you know how cool it was to see our little humans jumping and cheering for us when we crossed the finish line?

One of my goals as a parent is to raise healthy and active children. I love that this race provides and opportunity for our children to see US being active, as well as provides THEM a chance to do the same. If you are looking for an opportunity to share fitness, health, and activity with your children, the Dolan races provide just that.

Race #3 takes place at Bower’s Mansion, which is an absolutely beautiful location. It offers the kids 1 mile, a 5k run/walk, a 10k run/walk, and a half marathon. Whether you are young, old, a runner, or a walker, you can easily make this a fun family event. Find more registration details and get your family all signed up to race HERE.


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