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Let Your Kid Be A Kid

Is it me or are kids waaaaay more overloaded with life than I was as a kid? They are forced to grow up so fast! I look around and it seems like there are kids with busier schedules than mine! They go from sport to sport and activity to activity …

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Handling the Holidays with Diabetes

Today’s post is written by Dr. Lorraine Platka-Bird, who is a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator with Center for Hope of the Sierras where she serves as an eating disorder specialist. She has been counseling individuals with eating disorders for over 25 years and takes a holistic approach to treatment, considering all …

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The Power of Positive Imagery

Six years ago, I went to a Women’s Conference, and I vividly remember a speaker talking about Positive Imagery.  To illustrate the power of Positive Imagery, she said, “what happens when you hand a child a glass of milk and say, ‘don’t spill your milk’?” You know what happens — …

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Rules of the Direct Marketing Party from the Viewpoint of the Sap You’re Trying to Sell to

Ah, November, you certainly snuck up on us. The holiday season is now in full ramp, and that means invites to lots of parties. And who doesn’t love a party? Of course, there’s one type of party invite that always brings me anxiety, and that is the Direct Sales Party. …

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