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The First Goodbye

Dog giving the baby a kiss!

I’m going to warn you, dear reader, that this article is a sad one. Death is never a happy subject. Yet eventually all of us will face some sort of death in our lives, with our pets often being the first goodbye we say. Ace had just been in for his …

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Reno Race for the Cure: Why This Cancer Fighter is Joining The Race

The Sizzlebuns Race for the Cure Team

My name is Sarah Herndon. I am a 30-year-old breast cancer fighter. At 27-years-old I was diagnosed with late stage inflammatory breast cancer. I underwent 4 months of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and 6 weeks of radiation. Unfortunately, my cancer spread to other parts of my body. I am not …

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How the “C” Word Changed My Life

Image credit: http://m5.paperblog.com/

Sometimes life throws you a large mass of cancer, plants it on your thyroid and says, “It’s a great day in the neighborhood.” That is my reality. A few weeks ago, I found out my thyroid was rather large and firm. Is that abnormal? I mean I do work in …

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