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The Seasons of Motherhood

Lately I’ve been feeling more acutely the seasons of motherhood.  It’s incredibly cliché to say, “Oh enjoy this season, it goes so fast.” In fact, when other people (usually elderly women) said that to me when I had newborns, I shifted between feelings of, ‘yes, it’s amazing,’ to feelings of, …

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Top 5 Tips for Celebrating Birthdays and Holidays for Divorced Parents and Blended Families

1) Don’t be consumed with the actual date you have your children on special occasions. Celebrate the occasion not the date. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter have changing dates annually. Allow yourself to let the other holidays dates or birthdays to be flexible also. This will save you lots of …

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Competition is Overrated

If you know me, you know that I have impeccably high standards. High standards for others, but even higher standards for myself. This makes me judgmental. It’s a hideously ugly trait; but it’s something I’m working on. I am especially judgmental of other females. Partly because I believe that men …

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The Pride Factor

Recently, I was invited to a party by my future mother-in-law. She was throwing the little afternoon soiree for nearly all of her closest friends who have known her for decades and my fiancé literally, since he was in diapers. They’ve seen him go through just about everything including his …

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