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4 Things I’d Like You to Know as You Turn 4

My first baby turned 4 years old today, and I don’t know what to do with myself. Time is the most cunning thief of all thieves. I’m in disbelief at where we’re at, leaving the “baby” stage behind with a now-4-year-old and a 19-month-old. Since I’m feeling sentimental today, I’ll share what’s on my heart for my little boy to know, as he takes on his fourth year.

1. You are all things cars, trains, noise, and dirt — but you’re as sensitive as they come, and I want to nourish that. The world needs more of this in our boys, young men and grown men. I’m proud of you for being sensitive to others around you, and for learning how to be kind to others. Sensitivity is a strength of yours, and I can’t wait to see where it takes you.

2. Though you’re still little, you can be responsible and strong! I love watching you take responsibility. You’re great at wiping down tables, putting dishes away, helping me bake and putting your toys away. You aren’t perfect at this, but neither am I, so we’ll keep working on it together.

3. I’m supposed to teach you, but sometimes you teach me. The simplicity you’re content with reminds me I need to channel my inner 4-year-old more often, and learn from you. Outside time, playing in the sand, snacks, walks, observing the details in everything around you at your own pace —this is what it’s all about.

4. I won’t always get it right, and will surely fall short in my role as your mom — but I will always keep trying. I read a book back in college that had an idea that challenged me: “Never stop exploring a person.” It reminds me that people are infinitely complex. I don’t want to assume I always have you all figured out. I hope to learn new things about you, and enter into your world a bit more this year. I love the little, big person you are becoming.


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Melanie formerly worked in the mental health field & is now a stay at home mom to her two boys. She enjoys quality time with her husband and kids, coffee, and genuine conversation with others. She is looking forward to getting more connected in the Reno community!

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