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Daily Dental Hygiene

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m…not a huge fan of the dentist (and that’s just a slight understatement). And what scares me more is that my sentiment toward the dentist could be a huge factor to whether or not my child enjoys dental hygiene. I’m working on …

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Gun Safety - An Important Lesson

I was 8 years old, running amok in my uncle’s neighborhood, when I found an abandoned gun in the grass. It wasn’t a play, toy, or water gun. It was a real gun. In fact, it was a gun that had been abandoned due to a crime. This wasn’t a …

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The Myth of the “Relaxing Summer”

From the basket across the room, the cover of my Real Simple magazine calls to me with its picture of an ice cream cone and a headline that makes me chuckle: “The Most Relaxing Summer.” Why do I chuckle, you ask? Because considering the way my summer has gone, a …

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