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5 Tips to Master the Selfie

We were recently at a Reno Moms Blog gathering when the talk turned to selfies.

Two of the women in the group are masters of the selfie. Most teens are also masters of the selfie, but they likely won’t be as patient in sharing their tips with moms.

I needed their wisdom because I suck at selfies. My selfies usually make me look like 20 years OLDER than I truly am.

I took the opportunity to ask them for their best tips.

5 Tips to Master the Selfie

  1. It’s all about the lighting. Go by a window or get the light shining directly on your face. It’s best if it’s not full sunlight, and luckily I decided to try experimenting with selfies on a cloudy day.
  2. The camera must be up above your head. It takes away any of those extra chins that may creep up on us as we age.
  3. Portrait mode on your phone is magical. Go play with it! Don’t be afraid to take A LOT of pictures, as it may take a lot to get the perfect one.
  4. Wear A LOT of makeup. In person, it’ll look like you’re way overdone, but with the right light, it’ll make your selfie look great!
  5. Don’t use any of those fancy filters that will make you look 20 years younger. The goal is to have it look like your best version of you – and so that people you interact with online will actually recognize you when they see you in person!








Now I literally get my hair cut and styled about once every six months. My latest cut happened to be days after this selfie conversation. So I came home, threw on some makeup and a professional jacket and went to work. My work headshot was so old that people definitely weren’t recognizing me when I’d meet them in person.

First I ran around to all the windows in our house. My phone is so old it doesn’t have portrait mode. So that sucks.

They turned out OK. One was taken in my daughter’s room, and the other in my bedroom, as those were the only windows with direct light. I admit I used the vivid filter on these. So perhaps I’m glowing a bit more than I do in person.










But then my husband asked why I was running around in yoga pants and a work jacket with full-on makeup and offered to help.

“We have a really expensive SLR camera. Why are you using your old iPhone?!” He asked.

So, with my husband as photographer, I finally achieved success.







We found a good background, and I literally got on my knees so that the camera would be significantly above my head. This one is no filter! I guess it’s not technically a selfie since someone else took my picture, but my goal was achieved: I got a professional looking headshot to update all of my social media profiles, and I got it for FREE.

So go on and be a little self-serving and get a good picture of yourself! Thanks to my peeps at RMB for the tips, and to the hubby for helping me look like I hired a professional photographer!





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