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South Reno: Arrowcreek Middle School Is At Risk! We Need You August 9!

Image credit: Reno Gazette Journal
Image credit: Reno Gazette Journal

Almost two years, our community banded together and ensured that WC-1 passed to fund new schools and significant repairs for older schools in our growing community. 57% of voters supported this initiative. I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond frustrated to have learned that local residents are fighting the construction of yet another school. This time it’s Arrowcreek Middle School.

There is a small but vocal minority that is fighting the development of this high school because they are concerned about increased traffic. Due to an objection to the project, the US Forest Service is delaying the land transfer another 30 days, and is required to hold another public meeting, with WCSD.

What I’d love to say to these people:

Seriously?! Have you looked around South Reno lately? There are housing developments sprouting up EVERYWHERE. The majority of these developments seem to be high-density housing. Our population is expanding quickly. I’m sorry to say, but you’re worried about traffic? The traffic is coming with or without these schools. We need to ensure we start building schools NOW so that our children don’t pay the price for this growth with severe overcrowding and a suffering education system. 

If you ask me, their protests are too late. They should have been protesting the housing developments, as once those are approved, it’s absolutely irresponsible to deny the schools that will be needed to absorb the extra capacity within WCSD.

It also frustrates the hell out of me that showing up at public meetings seems to be the chosen way for local government to take input from our community. I’m sorry, but you don’t see a ton of parents at these meetings because most of us are working during the day and taking care of the very children that these decisions will impact in the evening. Meanwhile, these affluent retirees in our area have ALL THE DAMN TIME IN THE WORLD TO GO RANT AT PUBLIC MEETINGS.

This “not in my backyard” mentality that many of these vocal opponents seem to have is completely unacceptable. The children of WCSD live in our neighborhoods, and their schools need to be in our neighborhoods, too. We can’t just bus all of the kids to schools on the outskirts of town. That would be asinine.

This is a call to arms. We thought the battle was over when we ensured that WC-1 passed in the election, but we need to continue our fight. We need as many local parents and families to attend the townhall meeting on August 9. Get the details here! This may be your last opportunity to share your thoughts on this proposed new middle school project before the USFS makes their decision on whether or not to transfer the land to WCSD for the school.

More information: http://www.wcsdbuilding.com/middle-school-south-reno/



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