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Sitting Won’t Be The Death of Me

Copyright: pzaxe / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: pzaxe / 123RF Stock Photo

When I chose my college major of marketing, one big deciding factor was that I thought marketing wouldn’t require me to sit at a computer all day.

It’s very ironic that I do 99% of my work at a computer in an office, and I have been for the past decade and a half.  For many years, I did sit. I am one of those nutters that enjoys exercise, so I used to think that my regular exercise would make up for all that sitting in the office.

But it doesn’t.

I started to tune into the articles being posted online about how sitting is horrible for your health.  That’s when I learned that for those of us that have desk jobs, sitting is slowly killing us.  Not even exercise can undo the harm of sitting.

Image credit: https://theartofunity.com

For the past 5 years, I have been standing for the majority of my work days. It is definitely not the norm and I’m sure people think I’m strange for standing all day.  But I honestly don’t care.  I feel so much healthier when I stand all day.  When I travel or have to sit in a meeting somewhere all day, sitting really starts to bother me. I often stand up at the back of a room during a meeting or a conference, as I find I not only feel better but I concentrate better when I’m standing.

It doesn’t take a fancy desk, much to contrary belief. I just got a standing desk converter on Amazon, and I place it on top of my regular desk. When I want to sit down for a bit, I just take the converter off my desk. Totally simple!

I recently got an email through Reno Moms Blog asking me if I’d like to review The Level by Fluidstance.  I was immediately intrigued, thinking it would take my standing in the office to a whole new level (pun intended).

The Level was designed to provide “subtle instability”, which prevents your joints from locking out and brings a form of playfulness to the office. I have really enjoyed The Level, as it truly helps to challenge my balance in such a small way that it doesn’t impact the way I type or read at the computer.  I feel energized at the end of a long day instead of completely drained like sitting leaves me.

Now when people come into my office and exclaim, “oh, you stand all day?!” I say, “I do, and you should come around my desk to see something even cooler,” and I show them The Level.

Image credit: http://www.fluidstance.com/
Image credit: http://www.fluidstance.com/

The Level reminds me of the wobble boards I used in physical therapy when I was recovering from ACL reconstructive surgery.  In fact, it was during my recovery from knee surgery that I discovered how much better my knee felt if I stood all day.  If I sat for long periods of time, I’d get up and limp around like an old lady.  But if I stood, my knee stayed fluid and functional.

Now that I have The Level, I find my feet will do surfing motions as I work, and other times, I’ll do the twist, which is fun and also gives my back a nice stretch.  There are times I find myself standing on one foot on The Level.  I’m actually entertained how easily my body adapts to all of these motions without impacting at all the way my upper body can type or navigate a mouse.

Interesting side note: I had a Treadmill Desk for several years, which was also super cool, but the treadmill does make noise and takes up a ton of room.  The cool thing about The Level is that it’s small enough for me to slide under my desk if I want to put it away for a while, and easy to move from home to office, as my kids have developed an affinity for playing on it (makes for fun surfing impressions).

I truly think standing is the way of the future. I recently read an article about a standing classroom in the Bay Area, being pioneered by a CrossFit Gym.  The Level can also be used in the classroom, which I think would be a great way to keep learning fun.

This is the view from on top of my Level
This is the view from on top of my Level

Think about how much you and your children are sitting each day, and I challenge you to try out standing at work for yourself, and maybe even have your kids stand when they do homework.  Once you’re used to standing, I recommend you take it to the next Level — it’s the cool and healthy way to work in an office.









Here’s a great infographic that shows the damage sitting can cause:


sitting at work










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