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New Easter Tradition: Egg Hunts for the Adults!

Lemon Drop photo and recipe courtesy of BakingBites.com
Peeps Infused Lemon Drop photo and recipe courtesy of BakingBites.com

When I was little, Easter meant I had to put on patent-leather shoes that hurt my feet. They were either new, so not broken in, or from Christmas, which meant I had already outgrown them. Sometimes, we got new sandals if the weather was warm. Once again, they were not broken in, so think blisters.

I put up with this foot abuse because I knew the Easter Bunny would reward me. Who am I kidding, I put up with this abuse because my mother said if I didn’t put my shoes on and get in the car, the Easter Bunny would be skipping the house altogether. That, and I could take my shoes off five minutes after we got home from church.

It didn’t matter though, because there was a basket with candy waiting for me. Chocolate malted milk eggs, Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs, marshmallow eggs, those robin’s egg things, a hollow chocolate bunny, jelly beans and a package of Peeps that I would hide from my brother and sister, even though I didn’t like them. Often I would find them in the back of the freezer in August. Several months old, freezer-burned Peeps, still not good.

As we got older, Easter was reluctantly handed back to the children. The baskets were less frequent, many times it was simply a bag of those Reese’s egg things shared on the couch while watching the Masters with my husband after brunch somewhere. Plus, I had to buy the shoes for myself.

That is why last year Easter was fantastic! My friend Katie threw an adult Easter Egg hunt. That cool March afternoon, about 30 of us showed up at Katie and Chris’ house with our baskets ready to hunt. Now, you’ll know this if you have ever been to one of Katie’s parties, but the afternoon started with a signature cocktail and some nibbles.

Then it was time for the ground rules: no pushing, shoving or tripping, and get as many eggs as possible. Ready, set, go!

Throughout the backyard were plastic Easter eggs filled with candy, airline bottles of liquor and gift certificates. Certain special eggs meant you won bigger prizes, like larger bottles of liquor. I am sure there were other prizes, but I was focused on the larger bottle of liquor.

I know Easter is only a few days away, but Moms, what if you had a few adult Easter eggs hidden, along with the ones for the kids? What if the special blue ones went to Dad or your Aunt Edna?

How about a special drink like a Peeps Infused Vodka Lemon Drop Martini like Nicole over at BakingBites made? You still have a few days to soak some Peeps in vodka. You can even do mocktails for the kids with lemonade and a Peep on the rim of the glass.

I say, let the adults have some Easter fun too! And, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.


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Shelle Murach
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