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I have lost two babies

Image credit: http://www.babbcenter.org/

October 15th is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day. As I sit here and stare at that last sentence it becomes difficult to know what should follow it. I will try. I have lost two babies. I remember each positive pregnancy test in vivid detail, the excitement and promise held …

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As we close in on a decade of marriage I find myself spending a lot of time wondering about the possibility of “meant-to-be”; is finding your one true love something that can actually happen? What is coincidence? Is it a spiritual force beyond our comprehension… What about those times when everything …

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5 Ways to Give Thanks

Teaching gratitude to children

As y’all know I adore autumn, so it’s no surprise that it makes me a little sad to see the red and green peeking out from store shelves before I’ve even gotten Halloween costumes figured out! Wait, don’t accuse me of grinching just yet… I adore my winter holidays too, …

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