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Riding the M.S. Dixie II in Tahoe with Young Kids

MS Dixie II Paddle Wheel

You’d think by now I’d learn, but I haven’t. Most every time I plan an outing for the wee ones, I imagine it being the most magical day ever. Often, my excitement clearly outweighs theirs and at some point, someone will have a meltdown (myself included). Our day on the …

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Givewaway! Baby Chic Nevada

Baby Chic Nevada Baby Girl Outfit

It’s hard to imagine anything cuter than the adorable, homemade creations from Baby Chic Nevada. Shop this online boutique and you’ll find adorable baby dresses, hats, headbands, tiny little booties and beautiful, seasonal tutus. It’s obvious that all of Baby Chic Nevada’s items are made with love and they make …

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Reno Food Truck Friday with kids


Now that we’re parents, a fun Friday night on the town looks a little different. But if you’re still itching for a great night downtown with live music and incredible dishes you can’t get anywhere else…oh, and you can bring the kids, too? Check out Reno Food Truck Friday, held every first and third …

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Giveaway! Hollylocks

Hollylocks Reno Giveaway

Today’s giveaway sponsor is locally owned and operated kid’s salon Hollylocks. The staff at Hollylocks pride themselves on making your child’s experience fun and comfortable. They specialize in the latest hair trends and really go above and beyond. Reno Moms Blog Co-Founder Jenny says, “It’s my favorite place to take …

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How I did it: making the switch to part-time

Guest Contributor Jill Stockton

Let me begin by painting a picture…while working full-time, I often found myself daydreaming for more time at home with my two-year-old, a more organized house, a full refrigerator, an empty laundry basket and more “me time.” I also wondered what part-time working moms do with all of their “spare” …

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