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Choosing to Work

Sometimes being a working mom means your kid joins you in the office...if you're lucky.

Sometimes I have weeks where I arrogantly think, “I’ve got this. Motherhood? Check. Career? Check. Clean house? Hahahahahahhaah.” This has not been one of those weeks. This has been a week of morning toddler break downs, too much laundry, not enough groceries and nowhere near enough time in the day …

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Giveaway! Woman of Troy

Woman of Troy custom necklace

Treat yourself to something beautiful with today’s giveaway. Stephanie Herrera of Woman of Troy creates handmade, vintage jewelry. She specializes in refashioning family heirlooms into beautiful “new” pieces. Stephanie says, “I have always loved old things and enjoy taking bits and pieces, pulling them together and creating something shiny and new.  …

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It’s Easy Being Green!

Tips for Going Green with Kids

For those of you who are old enough, you’ll remember Kermit the Frog singing “It Ain’t Easy Being Green.” I hear variations of this phrase a lot as I’m out and about and want to focus my Reno Moms Blog contributions on the fact that it really is easy being …

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10 Things to Do at Rancho San Rafael Park

Rancho San Rafael Park Reno NV

One of my favorite things about living in Reno is that there is always something new to do. There is always some experience I haven’t indulged in, a restaurant I haven’t tried, a trail I haven’t blazed. Yet, even with the endless possibilities the area has to offer, I often …

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Making Memories Starts with This Moment


Strong relationships are not usually built on  monumental, lifesaving feats that have been accomplished in the name  of love. They are more commonly built on thousands and thousands of tiny moments that build up within us to form that incredible, unbreakable  bond. The funny thing is, these moments happen, they …

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