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Giveaway! Hollylocks

Hollylocks Reno Giveaway

Today’s giveaway sponsor is locally owned and operated kid’s salon Hollylocks. The staff at Hollylocks pride themselves on making your child’s experience fun and comfortable. They specialize in the latest hair trends and really go above and beyond. Reno Moms Blog Co-Founder Jenny says, “It’s my favorite place to take …

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How I did it: making the switch to part-time

Guest Contributor Jill Stockton

Let me begin by painting a picture…while working full-time, I often found myself daydreaming for more time at home with my two-year-old, a more organized house, a full refrigerator, an empty laundry basket and more “me time.” I also wondered what part-time working moms do with all of their “spare” …

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Giveaway! Thirty-One Gifts Thermal Tote

31 Thermal Tote in Fun Flops print

Today’s giveaway is the perfect addition for your summer activities. Reno Moms Blog has been lucky to receive this great thermal tote from Thirty-One consultant Jenny Williams. The tote comes in Fun Flops, a cute summer print and is ideal for packing a Tahoe picnic, carrying all the kids swimming …

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Reno Farmers Markets

Nevada Grown - Reno's Farmers Markets

One of my favorite parts of summer in Reno is the Farmers Market scene that began last weekend. It is one of the quintessential Reno events that signal the beginning of summer to me – similar to the first REALLY hot day, convertibles showing up on the freeway and the …

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Giveaway! “Put It In Order” Home Organization


Organizing your home and clearing the clutter is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be courageous, ruthless, and above all – unafraid to use a garbage bag, and lots of ‘em. And sometimes, you just need that someone by your side to guide you through parting with …

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