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Sharing Your Kitchen with the Kids

aaron kitchen

From the time our children are about 18 months old, my husband places the first-to-rise child on the counter in the morning and has them help make his morning Americano.  It takes a little more time than if he were to do it alone, but eventually they get the hang …

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Green lunches aren’t just for salads!


My baby girl started kindergarten on Monday (YIKES! When did this happen?! She was like three yesterday…), and my oldest started 4th grade last week. With them in school and the baby off to daycare, I now have five lunches to pack. Lunches are taking a center stage in my …

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In The Thick Of It

Remember at some point they WILL fall sleep.

My son is at an age where he’s constantly testing the limits. He wants to know where his boundaries lie. Moreover, he needs to know where his boundaries lie. In order to know he’s safe. In order to figure out how the world works. In order to grow and to …

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Reality check. I’m not perfect


  I had a dream once: that I would make no mistakes as a parent.  That I would naturally accommodate every one of my child’s needs, easily understanding their complex personalities. I studied other parents and wrote mental notes of the things I would and would not do.  I dreamed …

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