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Get Your Kids Out the Door Without Losing Your Mind

Mother Bathing Baby (12-18 Months)

Today’s post is from Reno Moms Blog Guest Contributor Tracie Barnthouse. Tracie is a Reno mom of two, and today she is sharing a few tried-and-true tips for getting your family out the door, on time (!), without showing up to work a total basket case.  I recently went back …

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Who is Nevada’s First “Baby-Friendly” Hospital?

Young woman breast feeding a baby

Today’s post is from our community partner, Toast Carson Tahoe. Once upon a time in the delivery room, there was a beautiful new mother, glowing from only the slightest of perspiration and drug-free effort after delivering a perfect eight pound babe, who cried nary a peep and immediately smiled upon …

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Teaching Your Children Healthy Habits

child smelling flowers

I’ve recently read several great articles on the importance of disconnecting in our extremely connected world. In fact, our own Jessica Santina wrote a fabulous post on what she gained when she gave up her smart phone. It absolutely depresses me that as a society we have to plan to unwind or disconnect. …

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Reno Moms Blog Loves…Our Community Partners


As the co-founders, one of the things we are loving most about Reno Moms Blog is discovering new groups, resources and services that are supporting moms and families right here in northern Nevada. We are thrilled to team up with these like-minded partners in the community to bring you even …

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Home Security in Reno


Today’s post is sponsored by Home Security In My Area. Last weekend I was in the midst of a wonderful slumber (and when you’re pregnant you know how important sleep is) when our two dogs leapt from their beds barking. I was in such a deep sleep that adrenaline immediately …

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