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I Don’t Know How She Does It: Shelley


How does anyone do it, really?  Or, why do we do it?  I believe once we become moms, we have a tendency to take on way more than we can handle, you know…superhuman mom strength, and the ability to not die while getting it done.  Is it pretty?  Nope.  We …

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Review: “Cat In The Hat” Live Show during Artown

4. Meeting Cat

I am Mommy to three kiddos: a nine-year-old boy (Paul), a five-year-old daughter (Hannah), and a one-year-old baby boy (Dominic). Before I had the baby, we were thrilled to learn we were having another boy. I’d been so worried about the dreaded “Middle Child Syndrome” and realized we didn’t have …

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From the Mom of “The Biter”


There comes a time when every parent has a moment they realize they have become the parent they used to judge. In the world before children, I found myself judging other parents, thinking, “my child would never do that,” or “if my kid ever acted like that, I would do xyz.” …

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Happy (Hour) Camper


So far this summer, my family has two camping trips under our belts, and we hope to log a few more before school starts again. For my husband, that means plenty of time to test his new fishing reel, and for our daughters that means lots of butterflies caught in …

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