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What I Got When I Gave Up My Phone


A couple weeks ago, during my daughter’s Friday afternoon swim class at Silver Bear Swim School, I sat in the front row of the parents’ waiting room, right in front of the wall-sized windows for a great view of class. On that day, while my daughter was swimming, the little …

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Creating Art (and Memories) with Kids

MortalMuse (1 of 1)-4

All this talk about Artown has got me thinking about how art works not only within our community, but within our family. I am a creator and a firm believer in the saying, “art saves.” If I go for too long without making something, I start to feel it deep …

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Giveaway! DownEast Clothing Gift Card: Boutique on a Budget


When it comes to clothes, nothing beats a bargain…except when it’s a bargain on trendy and flattering clothes. That’s where DownEast Clothing comes in with today’s giveaway for Reno Moms Blog readers! This family-owned company has locations throughout the West Coast, and the first store in our area just opened …

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Green Kids: Grow Your Own Soil with Worms!

Holding a worm

Today’s green tip might seem a little “out there” to some of you…but I’m fairly certain the kids will LOVE it, as will your garden, indoor plants, and prized petunias. Have you ever thought about the kitchen scraps you throw away? Banana peels and orange rinds. Coffee grinds and filters. …

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Summer Bucket List – What’s Left?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty appalled by the fact that summer is already halfway through. For me, summer always goes by too fast, and oftentimes I begrudgingly transition into fall feeling like I missed out on summer’s awesomeness. Even though this summer is flying by, especially with …

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