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In The Thick Of It

Remember at some point they WILL fall sleep.

My son is at an age where he’s constantly testing the limits. He wants to know where his boundaries lie. Moreover, he needs to know where his boundaries lie. In order to know he’s safe. In order to figure out how the world works. In order to grow and to …

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Reality check. I’m not perfect


  I had a dream once: that I would make no mistakes as a parent.  That I would naturally accommodate every one of my child’s needs, easily understanding their complex personalities. I studied other parents and wrote mental notes of the things I would and would not do.  I dreamed …

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Packing a Kid Lunch You’ll Both Love


It’s back to school, and while many families are already used to packing a lunch during the work week, I have sadly fallen out of practice doing so in the last six-plus months. Being home has allowed us so much freedom when it comes to eating when and where and …

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The Time-Starved Mom’s Workout


Today’s post is from guest contributor Skye Garman, mom of two and a personal trainer in Reno who knows there is always time for exercise. Just for us Reno Moms Blog fans, Skye put together this quickie workout perfect for any mom pressed for time (that’s all of us!). Check …

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Guilty (Bubbly) Pleasures

Pick your pleasure!

I love a fizzy, frothy glass of champagne. But not for its taste, and not because it goes oh-so-well with strawberries (it does!). I love champagne because it’s FUN. I think moms need guilty pleasures. One of my favorite things on a quiet night alone (kids at grandma’s, husband working …

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