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Notes From an Exclusive Pumper

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Breast milk. Formula. That strange goat’s milk recipe passed down from your great-grandmother. Whatever the choice in feeding your baby, you’re bound to run into a snag along the way. After successfully breastfeeding one child, I was sure the second would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong! With …

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Date Nights, Desserts and Fire

The Gianduja, an amazing chocolate cake with caramelized bananas. Image courtesy of Homage Bakery

I am amazed at the amount of planning that goes into a date night when you have little ones. Babysitters have to be coordinated, a list of instructions has to be composed, fees negotiated…and let me tell you, today’s babysitter makes more than the $4 an hour I topped out …

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I Don’t Know How She Does It: Jessica L.


Today, we’re continuing our series, “I Don’t Know How She Does It.”  Borrowing from the fantastic blogger Joanna Goddard at “A Cup of Jo,” here is the latest from our Reno Moms Blog contributors sharing how they (attempt to) balance their busy lives. We hope you’re enjoying getting to know them as much as …

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Navigating the Divorce Obstacle Course

Gold Wedding Rings

Split? Break-up? The Big D? What to call it is probably the least difficult thing about divorce. As I learned last year, there are countless demons to face and challenges to overcome during a divorce. I was surprised to find that many people will openly discuss them if prompted. For …

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Liquid Gold 5K | Supporting Local Moms

Liquid Gold 5K

Today we welcome Sarah Ortega from Nevada Breastfeeds as our guest contributor. Sarah is a Certified Lactation Educator and is in the process of becoming an IBCLC. What if you greeted your newborn with every intention of breastfeeding and within the first three days, you were not meeting your expectation?  …

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