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Happy First Day of School, Moms!

A second grader and a preschooler, with the extra treat of Grandma being in town to see them off!

It’s back-to-school day.  The day when all of us make sure the kids are scrubbed extra clean, their hair is perfectly neat, they have new backpacks, and we snap an adorable picture to commemorate the day. When I was a kid, I didn’t realize how much my mom was doing …

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Midwife Miniseries Part I

Midwife with woman

Midwifery FAQ – Part I of the Midwifery Miniseries Today’s guest post is by Denise Rubinfeld, RN, CNM, APN, a nurse-midwife at Women’s Health Specialists in Reno, Nevada.  Hello, Reno moms!  I am thrilled to be blogging in your sphere.  I’m excited to share what a midwife is and why someone …

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Free Back-To-School Immunizations Tomorrow


As summer break quickly winds down, your back-to-school checklist may seem longer than you remembered… especially if you still need to get back-to-school immunizations done for the kids!  Save the date for the El Sol Back To School Immunization Fair happening tomorrow, where all required school immunizations will be available …

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When Your Friend Has a Miscarriage

Living with Miscarriage & Infertility series on Reno Moms Blog

It’s happened to so many of us, yet seemingly to no one at all. “Miscarriage” is a dirty word for the isolating, sad and confusing experience that happens in approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies. If you haven’t struggled with pregnancy loss, chances are very good that a woman dear to …

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