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Advice from an Experienced Mom: Don’t Blink

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Today’s post is from guest contributor Tammy Ingraham. A Reno mom of five, Tammy has seen it all, and more than once. She’s also earned lots of life experience in raising a special needs child, adoption and step-parenting. Read on for sage wisdom from a pro. “Don’t blink!” As a young …

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Review & Giveaway: Kids Gourmet Squoosh Snacks


Today’s post and product review is sponsored by Squoosh by Kids Gourmet.  They’re also treating one lucky Reno Moms Blog reader to a box of Squoosh’s Banango flavored pouches – a mixture of butternut squash, banana, mango and apple, sprinkled with coconut. Good luck! I heart pouch food for babies. …

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A Guide to Your Kid’s First Funeral


Today’s post is from Reno Mom’s Blog guest contributor Shontell Brewer. As a wife, homeschooling mother of five, host mom to one foreign exchange student, and the director at Little Lites Christian Learning Center in Reno, Shontell has her sights set on being a writer on the side of all …

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Take Off Your Super Mom Mask


Today’s post is from Reno Moms Blog guest contributor Mandi Holden. Mandi is a poet, blogger, wife and baby mama of two in Reno. She is one part ginger and two parts “gangsta.” She spends her days counseling women who are going through transitions in their spiritual practice, and is currently …

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“I’m a Baby, Too!” Working Through Big Sibling Regression


Today’s post is from Reno Moms Blog guest contributor Megan Annis, a former California girl who moved to Reno in 2005. She and her husband, Kevin, are raising an outgoing 3 -½ year old son and a firecracker 13-month-old daughter. The following outlines Megan’s current battle to meet the ever-changing needs …

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