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Midwife Miniseries Part I

Midwife with woman

Midwifery FAQ – Part I of the Midwifery Miniseries Today’s guest post is by Denise Rubinfeld, RN, CNM, APN, a nurse-midwife at Women’s Health Specialists in Reno, Nevada.  Hello, Reno moms!  I am thrilled to be blogging in your sphere.  I’m excited to share what a midwife is and why someone …

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Free Back-To-School Immunizations Tomorrow


As summer break quickly winds down, your back-to-school checklist may seem longer than you remembered… especially if you still need to get back-to-school immunizations done for the kids!  Save the date for the El Sol Back To School Immunization Fair happening tomorrow, where all required school immunizations will be available …

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When Your Friend Has a Miscarriage

Living with Miscarriage & Infertility series on Reno Moms Blog

It’s happened to so many of us, yet seemingly to no one at all. “Miscarriage” is a dirty word for the isolating, sad and confusing experience that happens in approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies. If you haven’t struggled with pregnancy loss, chances are very good that a woman dear to …

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Get Your Kids Out the Door Without Losing Your Mind

Mother Bathing Baby (12-18 Months)

Today’s post is from Reno Moms Blog Guest Contributor Tracie Barnthouse. Tracie is a Reno mom of two, and today she is sharing a few tried-and-true tips for getting your family out the door, on time (!), without showing up to work a total basket case.  I recently went back …

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