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An Ode To Lovies

Ready for surgery, thanks to Mommy Doggie's presence

I had a relatively hard time getting each of my three children to sleep. I followed much of the advice found within “Good Night, Sleep Tight” by Kim West, also known as “The Sleep Lady.” One recommendation she had was to introduce a transitional object – or a “lovey.” This …

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Pick-A-Park: Las Brisas Park


Las Brisas Park has long been a family favorite of ours. My son often asks to go to the “blue park,” and I’m almost always happy to oblige; it is close enough for us to run to (if we have some time, it’s not that close), and a mere five …

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My Unrealistic Expectations About Moving

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 10.17.38 PM

Moving….with three homeschool kids and a business! We had plenty of time to prepare for this move – months, in fact – but it still seemed like it crept up on us all too fast (side note:  we are moving to rent a new home, while getting ready to sell …

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Don’t Be a Monica…Cleaning Can Wait


The other day as I was walking down the hallway to the bedrooms, I looked down and noticed a few combination dust/fur balls had formed.  Nothing new.  We have two dogs and a cat and light wood floors.  It’s hard to miss Black Labrador fur on anything.  But, what was …

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