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Sanity-Saving Summer Camps

Paul successfully climbed the 5-story Alpine Tower!

Okay, before I say this, I need to clearly state: I do love my kids. I promise. They were all wanted, all super planned for, and I cherish each of them. That said, I just survived two weeks of spring break and… I. CAN’T. DO. THAT. ALL. SUMMER. Ermagherd, it …

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When Momma Gets Sick

Sick Young Woman Lying in Bed

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced being a Mom is that my responsibilities for my children and my work don’t disappear when I get sick.  None of us have the time to get sick, right? This past year, every time I have traveled with the kids, I have managed …

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Advice from Dr. Nepal on Baby’s First Foods


Today’s sponsored post from our partner Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center features Arjun Nepal, MD, a pediatrician who just joined Saint Mary’s Medical Group. Read on for his expert tips on baby’s first solids, and when to introduce allergenic foods to your little one.  In the last decade, prevailing beliefs about timing …

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Preparing Your Toddler for the Arrival of a Sibling

Sophie 1

My family and I are a couple weeks away from welcoming our baby girl, Sadie. I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter, people would often ask me, “Are you scared or nervous at all?” The truth is, I wasn’t. Not even the tiniest bit. For some, reason …

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From Daughter to Friend

beth and mom

One of my mom’s most memorable phrases when I was growing up was, “I’m your mom, not your friend.” We were close, and she knew my friends and what I was up to, but she never tried to be one of my friends. And I grew to appreciate her wisdom …

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