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A Message for the Truly Tired Mamas


This message isn’t for the mama whose baby sleeps through the night. Or for the mama whose baby gets up once or twice – the mama who talks about the woes of interrupted sleep lo these past two or four months (or six months, or eight months, what have you). …

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Everything is Mine and Daddy is My Favorite

little boy crying

I’m going to do a bit of admitting in this post, and I might be judged for my past reactions, but…as a first-time parent, I am finding that dealing with a toddler can be so maddening and frustrating sometimes! You truly don’t get a grip on how egocentric toddlers are …

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A Rite of Passage: Ear Piercing


“Mommy… pleeeeezzze! Can I get my ears pierced? ALL my friends have them. Pah-leeeeeze??????” I’ve been listening to that for about two years from my eldest daughter, Emma, and I’ve somehow put her off much longer than I thought possible. Ear-piercing is a special thing in my mind, so I …

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A Valentine to My Past Self


As I look at the calendar and realize that Valentine’s Day is this week, I have found myself reminiscing at what this holiday was like for me growing up, and contrasting that to what it is like now. I used to spend the days and nights leading up to Valentine’s Day …

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From Living to Thriving

Schnell Family

THRIVE. It’s just One Little Word. One word I’m committing my year to. photo credit: Brianna Soloski A little back story: in 2008, my friend Brianna picked a word with Ali Edwards and it became her onus for the year. It propelled her forward and helped her focus her year …

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