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Don’t Be a Monica…Cleaning Can Wait


The other day as I was walking down the hallway to the bedrooms, I looked down and noticed a few combination dust/fur balls had formed.  Nothing new.  We have two dogs and a cat and light wood floors.  It’s hard to miss Black Labrador fur on anything.  But, what was …

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Big Flavors in Petite Sirah Wine


While Mother Nature may not know it, it’s still winter in Northern Nevada and the perfect time to try out some hearty, rich red wines. This is no time for a flimsy pinot noir or – gah! – a rose’! This is the time of year when we make thick …

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Staying In When You Need a Night Out


Ten years ago, I entered the new year lonely, scared, and full of dread for what the next 365 days would hold in store for me.  Just a couple weeks later, a visit to a chat room on a boring, sleepless Friday night would change my life forever.  Ten years. …

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Putting Your Toddler To Work


Somehow, in all my close referencing of Babycenter over the last three years, I missed this milestone: baby’s first chore. Did you know you could harness your toddler’s desire to help “do. it. MYSEFFFF!” and get them to do actual work around the house?! Judging by my Pinterest feed, this must be a …

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Going Back to Work

I'll be missing this sweet face.

Today marks the end of era for me. After 12 glorious weeks of snuggling my new baby girl I will return to work full time on Monday. It’s bittersweet. On one hand I love my job and on the other I have cherished this time of bonding with my new baby …

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