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Jump Around, Jump Around

Jump Man Jump's toddler zone

Like most kids have experienced, my mom was overprotective. I distinctly remember pulling into the driveway well before curfew and seeing her little head disappearing in the shadows from our front window. She couldn’t sleep until she knew I was home and safe. At the time, I rolled my eyes, …

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A Birth Story: Claire Elizabeth Part I

Waiting and waiting. Not what I actually looked like on D-Day. Photo courtesy of Lemaire Photography

I think the most common question people ask after you’ve had a baby is: how long was your labor? With both of my kids that’s been a tough question to answer because, in my case, labor has been more like weeks long rather than hours. My son arrived 8 days …

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Be a Hula-Hooping Queen with Girl Scouts


Looking back on happy days at Girl Scout camp and filling out our orders for Thin Mints has got us so excited about today’s sponsored post from the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada! Read on for how you can enjoy Girl Scouts again, this time with your daughter.  “I …

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Bedtime Battles

Bedtime image

Bedtime. It can be one of the biggest and most stressful power struggles a parent has with their child. It’s one of my biggest struggles, and based on my Facebook feed and conversations with friends, I know that I am not alone. For a variety of reasons, lots of kids …

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