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Stress Less This Thanksgiving


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  Time for yummy food, family, friends, and…stress.  Ahhh.  Do you feel it coming?! As moms, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in wanting everything to be perfect for these types of gatherings.  We want the food to be perfect, the table to look beautiful, the …

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My Adoption Story


It’s that time of year again; a time to give thanks for everything in which we are grateful. As I reflect on this last year – how much I’ve grown, all that I’ve accomplished, and the many storms I’ve weathered – I realized that this is something should not be …

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Can We Talk? Well, Maybe Not…


Three nights a week, I get a glimpse of the future. And I’m disheartened by what I see. I teach two classes in the University of Nevada, Reno English Department—freshman-level writing classes—and I have taught there for 12 years. For the most part, I enjoy sharing my expertise with students, …

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Parenting Lessons: Being the Adult and Saying No

Getting Ready for Work

Source Like most parents, on a near daily basis I stress and worry about the many ways I may be screwing up my children. Am I patient enough? Am I raising my daughters to be confident and independent? What about body image? When was the last time I gave them …

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10 Beauty Tips for New Moms

Conair Hot Rollers for Busy Moms

I compare being a first-time mom to falling in love with a new boyfriend: the kind of relationship where you become so involved with someone that you lose yourself a bit. When my son was born I became so lost in being a new mother that I forgot about myself. …

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