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Defining Me

Embracing Me

I ran away from home once.  I was nearly 25 years old, newly divorced, and feeling restless.  And for the first time in my life, I wanted to rebel.  Rebel against the small-town life that lay before me if I stayed, against the suffocating pain of my childhood and early …

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The Mommy Wars Are A Myth


I blog for a few different mama centered outlets, and I read my fair share of mom blogs (because, hello, there are a whole lot of awesome mama writers out there). And every so often the “mommy wars” get mentioned. Actually, quite often. It seems like everywhere I turn, someone …

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Gardening with Littles: 5 things.


Last year was my 1st year gardening and I was very excited to share the experience with my then 2 year-old son. My original thought was cute little gardening tools, wide-brimmed hats and diggin’. What small child doesn’t want to dig? It was sometime mid-April that we were finally in the …

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Get Your Shop On: DownEast Basics


Last week the Reno Moms Blog crew was treated to a night of shopping and girl time from the folks at DownEast Basics. We.Had.So.Much.Fun! DownEast prides itself on having fun, fashionable and affordable clothing. We were so impressed with the selection of both DownEast label clothing and name brands like …

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Children’s Book Day – Free Event Tomorrow


I’m willing to guess very few of you would look to the airport in search of free family activities. The words “family” and “airport” may very well traumatize you as they spark memories of failed security line inspections (I forgot the damn sippy cup in my purse again!) or the …

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