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Viva Les Crepes! Reno’s Crepe Renaissance

Creme Cafe's cream and fruit crepes are perfect for brunch on the patio. Photo courtesy of Creme Cafe.

In the mid 1970s, my parents got an Oster mixer and blender in Harvest Gold. The pair came with an Oster recipe book with its very stylish pink, orange and yellow cover. That book was my father’s breakfast bible for close to 10 years, over time being held together by …

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13 Ways to Save Money on Birthday Parties


A couple weeks ago, the contributors of the Reno Moms Blog were discussing birthday parties.  Birthday parties can be expensive!  And if your house is small, you can find yourself seriously limited in what you can do in your own home.  Pile a winter birthday on top of a small …

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Creating Stability When You’re Getting a Divorce


No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. I’ll never forget my first Christmas post divorce. My boys spent the holiday with their Dad. I spent it alone. I remember that day like it was yesterday – driving the boys to their Dad’s house, pulling up in front, …

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