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Parenting Lessons: Being the Adult and Saying No

Getting Ready for Work

Source Like most parents, on a near daily basis I stress and worry about the many ways I may be screwing up my children. Am I patient enough? Am I raising my daughters to be confident and independent? What about body image? When was the last time I gave them …

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10 Beauty Tips for New Moms

Conair Hot Rollers for Busy Moms

I compare being a first-time mom to falling in love with a new boyfriend: the kind of relationship where you become so involved with someone that you lose yourself a bit. When my son was born I became so lost in being a new mother that I forgot about myself. …

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The Green Meanie Strikes Again

I completely, and inadvertently, embarrassed my nine-year-old son recently. The infraction wasn’t kissing him and saying “I love you” at school drop-off (that happened last week). Nor was it wearing my skiing polar bear pajama bottoms when he had a friend over (that was last weekend). This infraction involved embarrassing …

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Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

As we get older and start having kids, the Thanksgiving reins sometimes shift from our mothers and grandmothers to us. On the one hand, it’s great to have the kids in their own element: sleeping schedules aren’t disrupted, chicken nuggets are at the ready for when they won’t eat anything …

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Giving Myself Permission to Quit

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Last year, I was down in a metaphorical hole. It had been a really rough year and a half leading up to things. I had lost my job of nine years, so we then lost our house. We moved in with my in-laws and watched a family member get horribly …

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