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July, 2018

  • 19 July

    Finding Grace In This Season Of Life

    new life

    We all strive to be the best parents we can be. What does “the best parents we can be” really mean, though? It’s easy to want to compare ourselves to friends or family who have been through the early stages of parenthood before, but how many of us take the time …

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  • 18 July

    Are You KinderReady?


    Before I get into my review of the KinderReady app, I have to confess something so you know what you’re getting into: I’ve basically been worrying about Ian’s kindergarten readiness since he was, um, born. Yep. I’m that mom. You can understand why I jumped at the chance to test …

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  • 13 July

    How to Tell If You Need a Break From Your Kid

    independence lake

    I have a barnacle that’s been on my body for two years now. For the first eight months, the barnacle lived on my chest and needed heavy constant bouncing, then the barnacle moved to my back. My barnacle has grown to 30 pounds and now uses my body as a jungle …

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  • 12 July

    How to Remain (or Become) a Calm Mama

    calm 3

    I am a sucker for all of the cliche quotes floating around Facebook and Instagram about calm parenting. You’ve probably seen some of them, like: “When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” I could go on with so …

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  • 6 July

    They Always Leave the Nest

    Mama Robin squeezes herself tightly into the nest with her fast-growing, one remaining baby

    “That robin’s been working hard on a nest here, I’ve been watching her for days,” my husband told me as he handed me a cup of coffee one morning in May. As our family’s de facto lunch-packer, coffee-brewer, and kid’s-breakfast-maker (I’m so lucky), my husband spends a good hour in …

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  • 2 July

    Floss, Floss, Floss


    It’s probably something that gets repeated every time you or your child visit the dentist: “Don’t forget to floss every day.” This is such an important routine to begin as early as when the first two baby teeth are touching; if there is not a wide enough gap for the toothbrush …

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June, 2018

  • 29 June

    Why Lake Tahoe Is My Happy Place

    Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, NV

    As a native Nevadan (fourth generation), I grew up exploring our mountains and the beautiful jewel of water we are so lucky to have in our back yard, Lake Tahoe. My earliest, fondest memories are of swimming in that freezing water, building sand castles, burying my siblings in the sand …

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  • 28 June

    Our First Race Together: The Dolan Junior 1-Mile 


    “Mommy, can I run with you?” is a common phrase from Juliette when I am getting ready to go out for a run or going to a race. She’s going to be 4 next month, so the Dolan Reno 5000 series seemed like the perfect starter race to get her …

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  • 22 June

    Terrible twos? Try Threenager! A Few Tips to Survive These Trying Times


    I don’t know who came up with the term “Terrible 2s,” because in my personal experience, and based on pretty much every parent I talk to, it really isn’t the 2-year-olds that are the problems — it’s age 3 that’s TOUGH. I think in my mind, when my oldest was …

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  • 21 June

    You MUST do The MUSTACHE Run!


    Reno has its share of quirky events, but one I didn’t know about until recently was the MUSTACHE RUN. How fun is that?! This Sunday, June 24, is the second race in the 2018 Dolan Running Series at Washoe County Hidden Valley Regional Park. You can choose from the following …

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